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5 WordPress Time-Saving Plugins for Bloggers

Being a blogger, whether professionally or casually, means making the most of your time at every turn, ensuring that you’re able to pump out high-quality content for your readers as often as possible. Unfortunately, every blogger soon realizes that there is much more to running a successful website than writing and publishing, and this always serves to force you to set aside time for tasks like SEO, database management, and more – probably not what you thought being a well-read blogger would entail, right?

Wordpress Time-Saving Plugins

Would you rather focus on writing, publishing, and being an all-around more productive blogger and person? Thankfully, there is a wide variety of plugins out there that can help to make the many tasks associated with maintaining and building your blog easier than you may expect; here are five WordPress time-saving plugins for bloggers:

1. Blogging Checklist

Being a blogger means necessarily juggling a wide variety of tasks each and every day just to stay on top of things, and this can make for a messy workflow and constantly changing to-do lists, neither of which is exactly conducive to a productive day at your desk. Solving this problem may seem like a monumental challenge, but there is a WordPress plugin that can make things much, much easier than you’ve ever imagined: Blogging Checklist.

The Blogging Checklist plugin for WordPress provides you with the ability to create checklists that must be followed when completing any task, whether creating and publishing new content or launching entirely new blogs. Simply tick off tasks as they are completed, and the form will reset itself the next time you refresh the page in order to allow the fun to start all over again.

2. CollabPress

Collaborating with other writers is a big part of what many bloggers do, sometimes creating an unorganized mess of tasks and to-do lists that are very difficult to keep track of, requiring that you take time out of your busy schedule in order to get things better organized. The CollabPress plugin aims to take over this part of your workday for you, allowing you to easily create tasks, assign them to specific users, and then allow those users to pick things up from there on out, leaving you to get back to creating killer content.

If you work with more than one writer on your blog, CollabPress is a no-brainer!

3. Search and Replace

Whether you’ve got to import posts and pages from another blog, make full-scale changes to the way that you format links, or replace outdated shortcodes throughout your site, the Search and Replace plugin is exactly what you need to turn those tasks from hours-long sessions into jobs that can be completed in mere moments!

An easy to use interface allows you to search within all tables of your WordPress database, locating one string and replacing it with another, making it the ultimate tool when it comes to making wholesale changes to your blog for any reason at all.

4. Broken Link Checker

As your blog grows bigger and bigger, so does the risk that some of the links within your content have become outdated, and that can present a major headache when it comes to manually checking your links on a regular basis. Luckily, the Broken Link Checker plugin for WordPress takes care of all of that tedium for you, scanning your content for links that go nowhere and letting you know where they are, allowing you to fix them on your own timetable.

5. Cleverness To-Do List

Keeping track of the many things that you must do each day in order to be a productive blogger can be tough, and many of us attempt to cope by utilizing everything from text lists to post-it notes, but there really is a better way, and the Cleverness To-Do List plugin for WordPress has everything you need to streamline your to-do list making process to the fullest.

Allowing you to categorize your tasks, add them on the fly, and set a priority level to each, you’ll find that keeping track of and completing items on your to-do list is easier than ever with this handy plugin!

by Anna Fox

Anna Fox is the writer addicted to self-improvement. So all her free time is devoted to searching for new ways to increase her own productivity. Nowadays she is sharing her ideas via Viral Content Buzz - free social media platform for content promotion.

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  1. Nice Article. All the plugin you have provided is very useful. All Wordpress Users should use it. as it will help you to do the work more easy.

    Thanks a lot for sharing this article.

    1. Thanks Swapnil. I agree with you. In our busy lives we must do everything to make our lives easier.

  2. Broken link checker is a ultimate plugin.
    I am using this one in our every blogs.
    Great collection.
    Abhay recently posted…How to Make money From Freelancer.comMy Profile

    1. Thanks Abhay. You are absolutely right. Broken link checker is essential for every blog.

  3. Thanks for the article :-)
    TOUQEER recently posted…Windows 8.1 All Versions Activator 2014My Profile

    1. You are welcome, Touqeer :)


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