Ways To Endorse Your Article Well On Pinterest

 As far as taking advantage of the social media world’s new found love, Pinterest is concerned a lot of digital marketers are of the view that this platform mainly promotes content via attractive images and visual aids. To some extent this is an absolute fact, but then content isn’t promoted the way people think to be so. Rather, professional content writers or publishers need to have the know-how to utilize Pinterest for optimized use that’ll in turn drive up organic traffic to their own websites.

Pinterest technical know-how for online publishers and writers

Here are some of the most basic rules to exploit Pinterest for maximized social media effect that every writer worth his/her salt should be aware of:

1. Realize the creative fiber of Pinterest

 One of the foremost things that’ll help you to take full advantage of Pinterest is the realization that it’s a sophisticated creative platform where each and every content marketer like you needs to do some different or unique to stay ahead of others. It’s the inherent do-it-yourself character of Pinterest that makes it so much more appealing to the Internet users. 

So, you need to come up with innovative marketing plans to attract more eyeballs and what better way to do that than to write journals, share stationeries, tools and the likes. Impart tips on ways to create gifts or souvenirs for both writer and book lovers. 
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2. Diversify your content in to visual aids 

 Create a separate page or board to showcase the factors that drives your content or rather your business. This solely depends on the type of writer, content marketer or publisher you are. So, you can follow trends like Internet marketing strategies to current hot topics in the online content publishing industry.

 Moreover, you can enhance your brand’s online dominance and diversify your marketing approach by coming up with visually attractive but informative graphics based on your website’s theme. These graphics are technically known as infographics. 

3. Study your content marketing peers  

A smart way to update yourself about the recent social media marketing trends is to follow and study the tactics employed by your peers in the niche industry you belong to. Analyze the boards of your competitors and other writers to look for comments about various books, articles or blog posts so that you can come up with something similar. 

Try to repin and retweet others posts in social media platforms other than just Pinterest. In this case, it is worth mentioning about the micro-blogging social media website, Twitter.com
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In addition, you need to follow other prominent writers, content marketing professionals, online news/magazines and publishers where they curate their own content on Pinterest.
About Author 
Andy Raybuck is a financial writer who has expertise in dealing with financial issues. He tries to impart to people the different situations and simple solutions to get out of difficult situations by contributing financial write ups to websites and blogs so that he can help people who are struggling with financial worries.


  1. GamingTracks says

    Article is really good. Pinterest is really important part of your website. Promote More there and get more traffic…


    Yes, pinterest is the new source of traffic & utilizing it will get more exposure for our blogs.You made a good write up Andy. :)

  3. Andy Raybuck says

    Thank you all for your kinds and inspiring words. I hope to gather more such information and present them to all in a better way.

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