Understanding Time Management For Blogging

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Time Management
, the fastest and the powerful. It is hard to be in pace with Time but the one who strives and manages is an Achiever. Time Management, sounds professional but works on personal front first and gets you going.  According to me, the planning should be in favour of avoiding the overload of tasks at the end of the day that ultimately saves you from stress.

For students, we need to manage time for tasks like assignments, tests, presentations,some kind of research, hanging out, sometimes shopping , etc. And for the employers, it is their deadline of the project that is the driving  force behind  TIME MANAGEMENT.

First and the most easy job is pen down what all needs to be done, that is, list your tasks. When you write the to-do list, half of the job is already done. You will not miss on anything important, atleast as said by your list. Then comes, Prioritization. This will mark the urgent and the most needed ones at the top and rest fall in place accordingly.

Your list can be for a day, for a week, and for a month, conviniently. But it has to start with  Day’s list first. Now, calculate the number of hours required to effectively accomplish a task. When the number of hours per task is calculated, it should fit in the number of hours you have in a day for them. The quality of work is not something to compromise on and focus should not be to complete it and strike it off the list.

It is the time to look at the most time taking ones and deconstruct and divide into bits and fragments and then get started. The work should never invade your peace. So a break in between the tasks relaxes you and refreshes you for the next.

** FLEXIBILITY: It works like disaster management. You may get stuck with sudden and unavoidable meetings, which can spoil your day plan out of the assignments. So, flexibility is that wand in your TIME MANAGEMENT  PLAN which is basically a space that allows you shorten your time span for a particular task and adjust the sudden occurrences.

And moving on, distractions like phone calls, emails, etc should not interfere your quality of work. They can really get you off track of the concept you were working on and attending them can be postponed to breaks in between.

You are done with any of the tasks, just strike it off the list when you are satisfied with your effort in it. The above mentioned can be worked out for daily, weekly and so on plans. There should be deadline for every task. You cannot just go on doing one single thing with your utmost dedication and not looking at the clock or the calender. This ignorance can get scary. For example, so and so task needs to be done by 7 pm or needs to be done by tomorrow evening. So quality with time check gets you the correct balance.

The right amount of rest is an invisible yet a major point in your plan. The amount of sleep you take should not be less than 6 hours and by the way we do not get to sleep more than 8 hours :(

The healthier, the relaxed and the better at work. Manage it the right way and take time to enjoy your personal space that you were lacking with the mess.

About Dhisharika Sachdeva

I Am a student of Masters in Mass Communication.Key skills are-writing articles and blogs .


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