What Things Make Your Blog Boring?

In this article I am Going To tell you what Things make your Blog More Boring? Do you write an article but it doesn’t get good rating and comments by readers?

Do Reader ignore your post? If the answer to all above question is Yes!!!! Then you have opened the correct page And Site :D

Things Make Your Blog Boring

Most of the flop blog have the following disappointing element:-

  • Content Presented just as a page of theory.
  • Your Blog doesn’t reflect your concept of communication theories.
  •  Content without realization of ideal or the target audience.
  • Nothing interesting in your information that can engage readers.
  • Too many grammar mistake in your article.
  •  Your article is too complex to understand.

Just relax.. some one said

It Is Never Too Late

So we should move on the solutions to the flaws mentioned above.

  • Your page on any topic should not just be a page of theory because IT IS NOT AN ONLINE LECTURE.
    Just another piece of information is not a reader is looking for in a blog.
  • For understanding communication you need not to be a scholar in English. Communication theories focus on the message to be passed on, through the medium and to the audience to whom the message is to be delivered.Do not write anything that is of no use to your readers. An information of no use is a TRASH MIND IT!!.
  • Audience is your panel of jury. Only delivering the information to mass doesn’t end your task. It is still in Process. Any information that is delivered has its fate depending upon the receiver.
    Before writing, realize the set of audience you are aiming at.
    Your message should diffuse to that certain AIMED mass. Message when diffused gets better responses.
  • Interest, engagement of readers is a task. Your Presentation or portrayal of a boring information should get eyes of people on the other side of the screen. They should feel good on spending time at your content.** THAT IS AN ACHIEVEMENT.**
  • Bad Writing Skills are basically poor grammatical knowledge of the writer.
    Such mistakes can really piss of a reader and the reader will just move to someone else’s blog and your are gone. That is why an interesting presentation with good language skills is highly recommended.
  • “There is beauty in simplicity” is a famous quote. No, am not going to talk about make up.
    SIMPLICITY IN YOUR LANGUAGE for the ease of diffusion of information is very essential. Websites, magazines etc. are not a platform to show off your flamboyant vocabulary. The More people understand your blog, the better the rating and your popularity as A WRITER WORTH READING.
  • Solving some problem of readers or helping and encouraging others to write through your skills gets a chip on your shoulder.
    And please do not copy from other website. It is not an ethical move and making money should not be your prime focus because, it is the readers who decide where you stand.
  • I have one statement – “PATIENCE IS THE KEY”.
    You should not expect a super-hit response to your first blog. Making an impact takes time. When reaching a larger set of audience, taking time for the response is obvious.

But Keep in mind, too much time and no response definitely means that there is some thing wrong with your content.

Tips To Correct This Problem:-

  1.  A catchy title to your article is important for the first impression.
  2. Do not go overboard with the use of colors. Too colorful theme doesn’t get attention for your content even if it is worth reading.

Ask your self that what is that element in your blog that a reader should take their time out for you ?

Think think and conclude it by the point/idea that totally belongs to you. Your own new idea in your style of writing can help you connect you with readers.

I hope My blog is a help. That is all by me. Responses be it a compliment or a comment are more than welcome guys.



  1. Arun Kallarackal says

    Hey, nice and informative post. Stumbled upon it on G+. I will try to write in such a way that writers are interested and engaged. Above all, as you mentioned at last, patience is the key! Thanks!
    Arun Kallarackal recently posted…How to get Huge Traffic to your Blog from FacebookMy Profile

  2. Siraj Wahid says

    Hey Dhisharika,

    Writing on blog isn’t worthy unless you have readers. If you have no response from your readers then obviously you are doing something wrong. You have mentioned some good points which probably make a blog boring. By the way thanks for the article.
    Siraj Wahid recently posted…Things a Perfect Blogger Should PossessMy Profile

  3. Bishal says

    It’s Really A Nice Guide And Really A Nice Article. Getting Good audience is really a difficult Job. We have to make Things unique so that we can get Positive result for our site.

    Thanks A Lot for this Wonderful article :D
    Bishal recently posted…5 Important Steps to Secure Your WordPress AccountMy Profile

  4. Rohit says

    Hi dhisharika,
    I am really impress by you. The way you have written the article is really awesome. I like the few thing in the article like giving a quote after few paragraph, using of Good words

    Making the blog interesting is really difficult as writing good article is difficult. You have told some Common ways how to solve it. Thanks a lot for sharing such a :D dramatic :D wonderful article.

  5. Taniya Madan says

    Hi Dhisharika Sachdeva !!!
    Thanks for sharing the valuable secrets those makes Boring to Blog! I will keep in my these all thigs & never let be my blog Bore ever. So great thanks to you Dhisharika !

  6. Builders in Chennai says

    Correct, if we post meaningful article only the site get high ranking, and then only we will sustain our site in good position. Thanks for your valuable information.

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