The Complete Guide To Setting Up SEO By Yoast Plugin

The Complete Guide To Setting Up SEO By Yoast Plugin,Setting Up SEO By Yoast Plugin, navneet article,

SEO by Yoast is one of the most widely used SEO plugin for WordPress . Setting this plugin up is quite a tough job for the newbie . Even though there are more plugins for optimizing a WordPress site with search engines . SEO by Yoast is the first preference of many professional bloggers . This Guide will help you in setting up your SEO by Yoast Plugin with WordPress perfectly so that you don’t miss out on seeing your posts on the top of Search Engine Rankings .

Note:-Neither this Plugin nor we guaranty that using this plugin will make your posts appear on the first page of Search Engines . This plugin only helps in enhancing and boosting your Search Engine Rankings.

Thing’s You will Need to Do

#1. Install Seo by Yoast for WordPress
#2. Set up your Permalink
#3. Configure your SEO Plugin Dashboard
#4. Optimizing Titles and Metas
#5. Optimizing XML Sitemaps
#6. Optimizing Permalinks for Yoast Plugin
#7. Optimizing Internal Links

Note:-Remember that all the settings we recommend for the plugin here are our preferences , whiche we believe are the best options to choose . You can alter you choice according to your need.

Install SEO by Yoast for WordPress

Before we commence to setting up SEO by Yoast . We need to install the plugin .
Download the Plugin from HERE.

Upload it to your website by Going to Plugins >>Add New >> Upload.
Click on Browse and browse through the files of your computer to find the SEO by Yoast archive and click on Upload. Then Activate the Plugin .

Once you are done installing and activating your plugin . Your Dashboard Menu should like the image given below. As you can see in the image given above , you have a new tab “SEO” in your WordPress Dashboard .

Install SEO by Yoast for WordPress

Set up your Permalink

If you have already set your custom Permalink for your posts then you can skip this step . For people who are still going with the default WordPress Permalink Format ( . You need to change your permalink structure to maximize your Search Engine Rankings .

Set up your Permalink

1. Go to Setting >> Permalinks.
2. Change the permalink to a option of your choice from the list .
3. For Example –
4. Hit the “Save Changes” button .

After completing this step , your post link should look like any of the following

Configure your SEO Plugin Dashboard

Configuring the Plugin’s Dashboard is important as this is the place where you set all of your defaults . This dashboard is also helpful for people who want to verify Google Webmaster tools , Alexa Account and Bing Webmaster Tools . To access the SEO Dashboard , click on the SEO button in your Dashboard to the left. Once you are in the dashboard of this plugin , follow the steps given below .Configure your SEO Plugin Dashboard

 Tracking is the first option you get when you visit the Dashboard of this plugin. This option sends Anonymous information about What Theme you are using , what other plugins you are using and some other important things that let’s the developers know “What works best with the plugin ” . There is no risk in ticking this box as they won’t receive or share any of your user details . It is your choice whether you enable this setting or not as this does not play any role in Search Engine Ranking of your Blog . After choosing your options , don’t forget to hit the “Save Settings” button .


Just exactly below Tracking you will another option Security. Enabling this option will disable your authors and editors to redirect posts, noindex them and do other things you might not want if you don’t trust your authors. We recommending enabling this option by selecting the Check Box as this will improve your site’s security .

Optimizing Titles and Meta’s

Switch to the second tab in the drop down of SEO , namely “Titles and Metas” In the image below , we show you the recommended options you check and un check in the Titles and Meta’s Tab . After choosing your options , don’t forget to hit the “Save Settings” button .Optimizing Titles and Meta's

Optimizing XML Sitemaps

Before going ahead to the next step , we wanted to let you know that we have skipped the Social Tab as you can enable the options the way you want . The next tab that we will be optimizing is “XML Sitemaps” XML Sitemaps are the component of your blog that tell the Search Engines where your posts and pages are . It is like a blue print of your website. This plugin also gives you the functionality of creating your own sitemap . For people who already have a XML Sitemap generator plugin , we would recommend you to Delete that plugin and stick with Yoast SEO Plugin’s XML Sitemaps functionality as it has an awesome interface.

For enabling the Sitemap Function in this plugin Check the box at top which sats “Check this box to enable XML sitemap functionality.” There is also a button right below it which shows you your blog’s sitemap . The setting of the rest of the options can be seen through the image given below. After choosing your options , don’t forget to hit the “Save Settings” button .

Optimizing Permalinks for Yoast Plugin

Switch over to the next tab which is “Permalinks” . This tab will help you in customizing your Permalinks for Search Engines . Mostly this can be used to avoid duplicate url’s. Set the options exactly the way it is set in the image given below .Optimizing Permalinks for Yoast Plugin

Optimizing Internal Links

Breadcrumbs are the links placed below post titles to show readers where they are in the site . For an example of Breadcrumb , see the picture given below. Using Breadcrumbs provided by this plugin is not highly recommended .

An alternative for this is using a plugin . In case , you still want to use the Breadcrumbs feature provided by “Seo for Yoast” then use the options which are set in the below image for the best results . The reason you shouldn’t include Breadcrumbs from this plugin because for implementing this into your them , you have got to be “Tech-Savvy” .

We are going to leave the rest of the tabs as it is . We would not mind editing them a little but again that’s a whole another tutorial .Optimizing Internal Links

Let us Hear

Tell us How this Tutorial helped you in topping the Search Engine Rankings . Do you think we missed out on something important , let us know through comments . Completely depending on the plugin won’t help you in standing tall over other’s , you’ve got to create unique content and content with quality .

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