How Can I Write SEO Friendly Article?


Many of us know a bit about SEO, or search engine optimization. However, not all of us know how to actually DO it. Here are some thoughts from a self-avowed technological dinosaur on writing an SEO-friendly article.  Search engines, as the tech-savvy know by osmosis, are pieces of software that search for words or phrases,… Continue Reading»


Improve Your Writing Skill So That The Site Can’t Be A Mess

Improve Writing Skill

Now a day’s it’s all about presentation. The better you present your blog or website more you will get the audience and traffic to your blog/website.The basic need for a successful blog is its quality. The articles your write should be of high quality. The more quality your article will have more your readers will… Continue Reading»

Understanding Time Management For Blogging

Time Management

TIME, the fastest and the powerful. It is hard to be in pace with Time but the one who strives and manages is an Achiever. Time Management, sounds professional but works on personal front first and gets you going.  According to me, the planning should be in favour of avoiding the overload of tasks at the… Continue Reading»

4 Blogging Blunders to Avoid


Reading your favorite blogger’s posts, you feel inspired to as well come up with your own. Thing is, writing blogs isn’t easy. Writing per se isn’t. You can create a blog anytime given that there are several sites that allow you do it for free. What makes the process complex is establishing credibility and gaining… Continue Reading»