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Social media Involvement In SEO

Social Media In SEO
It is quite clear that social media is going to play a key role in SEO. While it was understood SEO is important for SEO, for some it is not clear exactly how it can be important for social media and its role.

Until very recently getting high SERPs was not very difficult. All you had to do was to generate some inbound links and create web pages stuffed with keywords. Getting a bit of help from link farm completed the process. Then it had worked like magic. When you think back it is even a bit surprising how long this method successfully went on  resulting high SERPs for the websites that followed this procedure until the release of Penguin.

Social media plays a key role

Social media have played a key role in SEO since they were introduced. But now its significance is more important than ever. When the search engine robots scan the internet, they will pay special attention to the social media as well. The brand names mentioned in the content and the frequency of sharing that information also will be specially noticed.

Interaction is rewarding

When a certain social media post receives likes, shares it is a clear indication that it is a useful or interesting post. Theoretically if a piece of information is passed around it is high quality content (though there is no guarantee this to be concrete truth.) Then the search engine robots will pay special attention to this kind of posts.  If your post is mentioned in other places in the social media it is another indication that your account contains quality information.  Also it is a sign that your material is good enough to initiate action for the fans.

The process of engaging the fans can be a tricky and tedious process. Back in the day the social media was solely used to provide the information about your brand and promote your brand. But in the future it is not going to be enough. Starting campaigns, competitions, quizzes and free giveaways are some ideas how to keep the followers keep coming back to your social media account. It will definitely create some interaction.

Backlinks still important

Backlink building was a thing in the past but it can be still relevant in the social media. It is only the black-hat backlinks that are not relevant anymore. During the content sharing if there are any backlinks are involved it will considered as a natural backlink. Blogging is a good example of such natural backlinks. Another example is backlinks generated by Pinterest that will carry natural backlinks.

Hence in the future it will be very important to have high quality material in your social media presence. You have to be sharing useful and important information. At the same time you should be able to keep your fanbase drawn to you. Also you should be able to provide with material that will initiate interaction with you and among the followers.

So the bottom line is if your content is not interesting or not engaging you will not give good signals to Google robots. And if your competitors are getting good buzz from their fans it will hit you even harder and will decrease your visibility on the search engines.


Author Bio : After writing so many articles and books Sophie Taylor hasn’t given up yet, she’s now focusing on everything new and innovating. Currently she’s writing articles about SEO Expert.

by Sophie Taylor

Sophie Taylor is an expert copywriter who is currently showing her interest in writing articles on SEO copywriting.

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