Why Is Social Marketing Important For Your Blog?

Social Marketing
First of all before going deep into the depth of Social Marketing and its types I would like you to understand what is Social Marketing.

In simple words social marketing is a process of promoting your blog, website or any article that you have published online. The importance of doing social marketing is to enhance your social importance and visibility.
For getting a good status of yourself and of your website it’s really important to focus on social marketing strategies and its outcome or how much benefit it will make for your blog.

Role of Social Marketing In Blogging

For most of the time you promote your blog on social media like Face-book, twitter, Stumble etc. But did you ever think why it’s important to do social promotion for your article, website or blog. I guess no, so I will tell you why.
For having good audience, traffic and also to make good amount of money it’s important to do social marketing.
The word social marketing can be understood in different manners like promoting your blog in virtual world or promoting it in the real world. Real world means to your family and friends with whom you interact daily face to face. Virtual world means your face book, twitter etc friends.

How Social Promotions/Marketing Helps You in Earning

As you all know to make money/cash out of your blog you should have a decent amount let’s say 2000 page-views per day. To achieve the targeted audience for the promotion of the blog or website social promotion is a must. There are more than 10 thousand people in every Niche which make your daily traffic across 10 thousand easily if you promote the right thing at the right time. The more you promote your blog the more chances of people viewing it. But over promoting your blog or article will cause your blog reputation to it’s harm side. And it will also lower your own reputation as a blogger.

Other Profit of Social Marketing

In blogging industry other than promotion of your blog or website it’s important to make yourself known to other people. If other people does not know who you are and what is your work then there is no chance that you or your will be famous any time long.
Social Marketing gives you a parallel platform to promote both your blog and yourself. The more people will know you in person more they will visit your blog more often.

Top Social Marketing Techniques

In today’s time every one want free stuff and no one want to spend a penny from his own pocket for doing online business.
For getting funding for your blog you can do Two things:

1. Get your Blog Up and Running and apply for Advertising website to get Revenue then invest it into the blog itself.
2. Investing in blog template design and SEO only. This will cost around Rs 5000 but the return is good.

Next for Social Marketing its important that you devote your time into it. It’s not a one day work and you can’t except result from one day effort in social Marketing. It take about a month to show some effect of what marketing you have done for your blog promotion.
For Good Promotion it is Advisable to hire a proper marketier who can give right guidance for Social Marketing.
Thanks for Reading the Article hope this will help you in your Social Marketing.



  1. Shailesh says

    Nice Post. I liked it. Social Media Marketing is an one of the best part of Internet Marketing. It is a great strategy to reach at the customers. It’s always helpful for every online business.

    Thanks for sharing this.
    Shailesh recently posted…Top 7 Mistakes New Bloggers MakeMy Profile

  2. Benny Mathur says

    Thanks Shailesh for your time and interest in this article hopefully it will help many other peoples too to get the importance of Social Marketing.


    Benny Mathur CEO Blogging Professionally

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