Social Media Optimization: 7 the Most Effective Strategies

smo-strategiesThere are lots of ways (methods if you will) to optimize your social media site. If you wish to do so then it is recommended that you consult texts that give specific information for each social media site. This is because each social media site needs to be optimized in a very specific way if you want to make sure it suits your purposes perfectly. For example, even though YouTube and Google+ are owned by the same company (Google), they are optimized in two very different ways.

This article deals with strategies for social media optimization. It gives you seven of the top strategies that are being used by companies up and down the country. This article is for businesses or marketers who have a specific marketing goal in mind. It is host to seven strategies that will help the marketer or business achieve that goal. The list is in no particular order, as each strategy may be executed with great and equal success.

SMO Effective Strategies:

1 – Build a brand and sell a principle

This is where you optimize your social media profile around a single brand principle. For example, if one of your brand principles is fast delivery, then that is the principle that your social media site focuses on. With Facebook for example, you would give details of your current “fast” delivery stats. You would have images of your delivery trucks looking clean and efficient. You would have posts that talk about your excellent track record, and updates on how you have improved and streamlined your delivery process.
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2 – Promote a product with blanket media coverage

This is where you come up with a perfect advert. You come up with one that is a solemn testament to how great your business or product is. You then publish that same advert on every social media profile you have. Even on Twitter, where word count is limited, you post several Tweets that link to your other social media profile adverts.

3 – Create a message and make it go viral

This is also known as buzz marketing, and it can be a very inefficient way of marketing. But, its redeeming feature is that it is free. You start your viral content on one social media site, but you create a fertile bed on your other profiles, so that the viral content will grow when it hits your sites. An absence of distractions is often enough for a “Fertile bed.” It is imperative that once people start sharing your content and start commenting on social media sites other than the one you launched the viral content on–that you start replying to people and fueling the flames of the viral content.
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4 – Engineer online chatter via social media

Some people optimize their profiles so that they encourage online chatter. They turn their social media profiles into something resembling a knitting circle or a women’s tea room. They often have the same people come back repeatedly to post messages. Part of optimizing your profile in this way is about being available to comment and respond to your social media profile commenter’s. The other part involves highly administering your profiles so that course language, edgy conversation and malicious comments are quickly removed.

5 – Use social media as your customer support department

This is the most commonly used optimization tactic out of all of the strategies on this list. People post questions on your social media site, and you answer them. Many times people will look through the FAQ style posts to find the answers they desire. All you need to do is optimize your profile so that people know that their questions will be answered online.

6 – Put a human face on your company

Optimizing your social media profiles to show people that your company is run by people and not CEOs or accountants is actually a solid business model. Some people prefer to deal with a faceless corporation because they feel that they are more reliable. Others like to deal with humans, and detest the corporate culture for sucking the humanity out of business. You can put a human face on your company and win back a few people who thought you were too big or too corporate to care.

7 – Optimize for saturation media coverage of an event

A business event may be manufactured; most things in business are. Your event could be a massive price drop for just one week only. In which case, you amend all of your social media profiles so that they concentrate exclusively on your price drop. For example, your profile bio on Twitter, Google+, even EBay, will change into a comment about the urgency of your new discount. It involves posting on all of your social media sites at once, with posts about how amazing this offer is.

Author’s bio: The guest post is written by Sonia Jackson who provides you an accounting homework help.


  1. Emmanuel says

    Hello Aditya,
    These are lovely points and I totally do agree with you! Putting a human face to everything is really paramount!
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  2. HaaPpy says

    Thanks aditya,
    The Steps are just amazing & fabulous i’am loved to visit your blog.! You articles are unique and excellent.!! by Promoting a product with blanket media coverage is a good way :D
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