Comparison Between Short Length Post VS Long Length Post

There is no hard and fast rule for making a post length.
  • You can make it Long
  • You can make it short
Post size matter a lot to the user. Some people prefer a long post and some short post. It totally depends on you what you want to make. Here is the comparison of long post and short post.

Short Length Post

Advantages Of Short Post

  • Short posts consume less time to write.
  • They are easy to write as content as very short.
  • Most People love to read short article.

Disadvantages Of Short Post

  • You can’t write all matter in short post.
  • Anyone can edit the article and re-published that article again in the other Blog.
Short Post VS Long Post

Advantages while writing your article:

Easy To Write

Writing a short post is very easy and less time consuming. If you are writing short post then you can post the article daily and from this you can engage the audiences in your blog.

Grab Attention Of Readers

Your primary goal is to attract the audience in your site. Some reader prefer short post article. Readers don’t spend too much time on reading the article. They will read few lines and if they found the article is good and interesting they will read the complete article.
Quality of the article matters a lot for the audiences/Visitors. So write according to the audience.

Long Length Post

Advantages Of Long Post

  • They are long and full of detail.
  • Some People like to read long post because they want to gain knowledge.
  • You will be different from other blogger.
  • You can attract more traffic, keyword optimization will be easy.

Disadvantages Of Long Post

  • It takes lot of time to write a long post.
  • It needs more explanation, more research about the topic.
  • You need more focus on particular topic to make best article. It became difficult to focus on long post.
  • Anyone can’t edit the article as it is long post and people are very lazy.
Why Sometimes Long posts are useless?
**They are not interesting.
**Unwanted material in the article just through out of the post.
While you are making a long post make sure it should be near to 1000 words. If you want to be a great blogger then publish 2000 words article in twice in a month it will engage the audience in your site. If you are making long post then keep this thing your mind.

Advantages while writing your article:

Write about the topic deeply
While you are writing a long post then first read about the topic from different site and makes a list of point and then makes an article.
It will be easy for you to make a long article as long article need more focus. Write everything about the topic don’t leave anything.
Sometimes short posts are help and sometimes long post. In both the cases you have to provide good article. If you are write short post then make it 500-700 words and if you are making a long post then make it 1500- 2200 words.
Find out which post length is suitable for your blog and make article accordingly. We say na testing is key for everything.
Which post length you will recommend? Long OR Short Post Length? Share your views with use through comment.


    • Aditya Singh says

      Short length post is easy to write that’s why u have choose short length.
      Thanks for the comment..

  1. Adi says

    The article is really Good. I think the lengthy posts gives more traffic & more social media shares for our blog. Thanks for sharing

  2. Shahzad Nabeel says

    The thing that matters is quality content. Any content written for visitors will definitely make a difference.

  3. Thejas Kamath says

    I like to write both short and long posts. Everything depends on the topic you’re writing about.

    Long posts demands our time but are good for SEO. On the other hand, short posts are easy to write but you can’t stand out of the crowd only with short posts.

  4. Gautam kumar says

    i Think A medium Post will be Perfect Which will be neither too long Nor too short.A Post length Must Be from 400 words to 1500 words.This is the perfect length for a Post.Btw Nice article and awesome points raised here (y)

    • Aditya Singh says

      Yup! Medium is perfect post, but i think you can’t explain the topic deeply in medium length post.
      Thanks for the comment BRO.

  5. Harsh Rathi says

    Good description Aditya.
    I’ve written many posts with length ranging from 600 to 5000 words, and now i feel that the best length is 800 to 1000 words, because it’s good for SEO as well as it’s sufficient for explaining most of the topics.

    • Aditya Singh says

      Sometimes 1000 words are less for explaining the topic. Post length depends on you. How much long you want to make.
      Thanks for the Comment Bro :)

  6. Software Development Company says


    I always prefer long post because this is descriptive and you can learn that topic completely at a time.

  7. Atul Kumar Pandey says

    My target always be to to post a complete information with related information also. Sometime it goes to 500 and sometime more than 800. So making full information is quite important. Thanks for sharing a nice bundle of information.

    • Aditya Singh says

      If you are providing full information then audience going to love that. Post length depends on you bro how much you can write in that article.

      Thanks for the comment Bro !!!

  8. Andy Raybuck says

    Nice post. Yes, its better to keep all the information in brief. But, the essence of the topic should not be hampered by making it short forcefully.

    • Aditya Singh says

      Yup! truly said. But
      Short article are also useful as some audience love to read only short article.
      They can’t read long article. But in short we can’t provide whole information.

      Thanks for the comment!!!

  9. GamingTracks says

    according to yr article i will prefer long post. as no one can edit it, and give more traffic. Good Post Buddy..

    • Aditya Singh says

      Yes bro long article is not easy to edit it. It require lot’s of time to do that.
      In that time you can new article.
      Thanks for the comment.

  10. Nirmala Santhakumar says

    Nice n unique post!

    I always used to write posts with 800 words. Hope my blog posts are placing good positions in search engines.

    As thejas told, long post is good for SEO. I prefer long posts and suggesting the same for all the bloggers.

    • Aditya Singh says

      800 words article is good. I think your all article are getting good position in search engine.

      long post have many advantages but there some disadvantages also. As it take long time to write 2000 words article.

    • Aditya Singh says

      You are right.. short post is easy to read and write and you can easily modify it and re-post it

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