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Changing SEO in 2014

SEO-in-2014If you have been interested in search engine optimization then you are probably aware of the fact that there are many different things that make this niche so interesting. As a matter of fact the SEO has been evolving and it has been through some major changes during the last couple of years. However, as 2014 approaches, many people will be interested to know a couple of things about the new trends that will apply.

 #Google Authorship

  • The first thing that we are probably going to see is Google Authorship. Many people have been speaking about it and there were some beta versions circulating through Internet. However, Google Authorship is expected to become something really big during the next year. What the technology does is tying a specific person with his Google+ account to every place where the person has been posting content or commenting.

 #Rich snippets

  • The second innovation is rich snippets. Many people expect Google to use more structured data in order to improve the usefulness of their SERPs. From different information to star ranking about the content the more a person “tells” Google the better the chance of “climbing” higher in the SERPs is.

 #Quality Article

  • We also want to pay closer attention to in-depth articles. Actually this is relatively new feature because it was released August this year. If we have to explain it in a few words it has lots in common with the quality of your content. Basically – the higher the quality is – the higher you rank will be and vice versa. This feature is really great because there are lots of people posting low quality content that is has a rich density of keywords and somehow they manage to rank higher. And speaking of this, Google announced that they are about to stop showing the incoming information on keywords in Analytics. Of course there are a few available workarounds, but Google is trying to encourage webmasters not to pay that much attention to keywords and stop concerning about them. This trend is about to continue!

 #No PageRank

  • Last but definitely not least – no pagerank! Google’s pagerank hasn’t been updated for 9 months and this is a really long period. Google has even mentioned that there is not going to be pagerank anymore, but this is not official yet. Whether the company is going to stop this service or just release an annual update, it is really important to know that something huge is going to happen in 2014 regarding this thing.

Basically those are the most expected things to happen in 2014 in the niche of SEO. Of course, those are only guesses, but this doesn’t mean that the information is incorrect. As a matter of fact most of the mentioned above things have been checked and have come from reliable sources, so you can expect most of them to be true.

We guess that there are going to be many other SEO innovations and technologies that will enhance the user-experience when it comes to searching for content, but we will have to wait and see whether or not Google will stop the pagerank, make the Google Authorship a thing and all of the previously mentioned things. One thing is sure – the year of 2014 is going to be great for SEO.


AuthorBio: Rose Finchley is a SEO freelancer. He runs the marketing campaign of

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