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Review On LearnBlogTips
This is My First Review On this Site. 
I am going to write something interesting, this article is not the one which give you some tricks or tips for your blog or website this is a Review On LearnBlogTips.

Why I choose Learnblogtips

Well, I found somewhat different from other blog in the blogging Niche topic.

One more reason to choose site for writing my review is that his owner Mr. Rahul Kuntala is very kind and friendly blogger just like me, who came into blogging without any idea but a vision to upgrade the level of blogging. 

Introduction Of

Learnblogtips is owned by Mr. Rahul kuntala, one of the up-coming blogging of all time. He started Learnblogtips back in January 2012. site is quite different from any other blogging niche blogs or website. This is because Rahul always have the vision to do something different from all the other bloggers writing on the same niche. He wants to Nichefy the niche itself.The above is a small intro about

Moving on getting some more information about the website.

With What Vision LearnblogTips was started?

Most of the bloggers start blogging with one vision only, to make money with their blog. But started with a different vision in the mind of Mr. Rahul, he always wanted to spread new knowledge with his readers. He came into blogging without any idea what was going to be his future in it. But as the time passes he invested money into blogging to make it more and more presentable and interesting for LBT readers.

What Does Mr. Rahul Focused On At the Starting?

Mr. Rahul as I said earlier came with a different vision in blogging just to share more and more information to his readers. At first he only focused on writing good quality content, quantity was also important but he focused more on quality.

After writing good quality article next step was getting more and more comments on them. A blog is popular as long as they keep getting comments on them. Visitors like only those website or blog which have comments on them this shows how active the blog or website is.

What Will Your Find At

LBT as I told you started with a different vision in the blogging industry. This blog is totally different from all the other blog which have blogging niche’s topics.

Most of the bloggers writes only on how to increase your rank, likes, earning etc of your blog right? But LTB covers all the aspects of blogging niche that other bloggers might have not yet focused onto.


Author Saying
As this is my second ever review on any blogging niche website, I can’t say the good and bad of the website yet. But one thing is certain that LTB is a whole lot of different from the regular blog you came In contact with in your daily life. is one of the blog you can visit to get information and have little fun while reading.



  1. Rajesh Jhamb says

    Hello Benny Mathur
    Nice Review about Learn Blog Tips
    We all know very well that we are learning a lots of things about Blogging, SEO, money making tips and all.
    You said right that owner of this blog came with different vision. Thanks For such a nice Article
    Rajesh Jhamb recently posted…Samsung Galaxy Golden dual Screen full specificationsMy Profile

    • Benny Mathur says

      Thanks Rajesh for reading. writing a review is not an easy task although , you have to do all the research before publishing reviews.

      Once again Thanks.

  2. Ankur Upadhyay says

    Rahul is an example for every up and coming newbie blogger. LBT is a must visit blog for every blogger. Nice review Benny

  3. Arun Kallarackal says

    Great review dude! I also regularly visit Rahul’s blog. Great place to learn about blogging for newbies.
    Arun Kallarackal recently posted…5 Tips to get Government Jobs EasilyMy Profile

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