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Benny Mathur
Hello Forks! Today I got into site a Good blog with well reputed author Mr. Benny Mathur. Mr. Benny Mathur also writes for “The Hitavada” future page the blog in itself is unique and contain all articles relating to blogging profession and career. Benny Mathur came into blogging industry with a different vision of improving the standards of other blogs.

Blogging Professionally came into existence on 22/5/2013 with an initiative of changing the level of blogging from low to high. And in past few months Benny Mathur have been involved it to so many social gathering of different blogger that blogging standers among small-scale bloggers is now being coming to a professional level.

Blogging Professionally blog do not have any paid domain and it’s still and will be on the blogger platform. By doing this Mr. Benny Mathur is trying to spread the message that even a blog on sub-domain can also be well established and can be successful.

Blogging Professionally Future Vision

As you know Mr. Benny Mathur came into blogging with a whole different vision of changing blogging entirely. He has taken small steps that have helped so many blogger in the past few months. The article on His blog “Blogging Professionally” are entirely unique and one of its kind. If you read his article you will find out that he writes for readers and not for Google Search engine.

Most of the blogger still , are writing for search engines to get there blog on high-ranking in Google Search result but Benny Mathur have no relation with that although his blog is fully SEO optimized and stand correct on all aspects , he never really thought about it.

Blogging professionally have a vision to see so many small-scale blogger to grow to success in quick time. So, the articles on the site are not off the topic at all. Every blog post has its own unique importance in its own.

You Can Join Him

Yes, you can join Mr. Benny Mathur on this task of getting every small blogger into highlight. You can join him by sending in your unique articles and ideas on how he can improve or provide you more helpful articles by which you can clear up your doubts in Blogging.

You can send in your views, feedback and article on [email protected]
You Can Visit His Site  Blogging Professionally


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