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How Restaurants Can Use Social Media

With social media has become such an integrated and assumed part of daily life of an average person, most business organizations recognizing the value of social media and using it as a tool to promote their business and increase their brand value of the business.  

restaurants can use social media

And restaurant business is no longer a stranger to this kind of approach. But the mere presence on social media platforms will not going to help your business to sustain for a longer run.  You need to use social media in an efficient way, keeping its reach and power in your mind.  But of late, many restaurant owners are not able to use it in a desired way. The time has arrived to review things on this matter.

You need to be very careful in choosing what contents you are updating, what photos you’re sharing or do you really address your customers query.  Here are some ideas which may help your restaurant business to use social media in a more effective way.

  1. Like us on Facebook : A separate Facebook page particularly for your restaurant is extremely important. A page is like a mark sheet for business owners. A page with a large number of like always grabs attention of Facebook users.  It shows how many people liked your restaurant till date.  It has been observed that pages with large number of likes eventually help a business to convert the interested customers into potential customers.  A recent data says that 49% of consumers use Facebook to search for restaurants (Mashable). But you need to offer new & relevant contents on a continuous basis on your page. It may be from menu items to free recipes. You have to be very active and vigil. But it is not the end. If you want to truly grow, you need to connect with various communities related to your business on Facebook.

  1. Follow us on Twitter : Like Facebook, your restaurant needs to be available on Twitter also. Number of followers of your profile shows the number of people appreciate your restaurant. You may tweet a photo or share information about special dishes. It is considered to be as one of the coveted platform to promote business.

  1. Check in Foursquare :  You need to list your business on Foursquare to identify who is “checking in” your restaurant. It allows users to “Check in” to various restaurants, stores, events etc. It keeps track of how many times a particular user checks in a particular venue. Based upon on that record, Foursquare declares its own rank.

  1. Pinterest & Instagram : Upload relevant photos and videos of your latest and upcoming happenings on Pinterest & Instagram also. Images carry greater information than texts. With easy availability of mobile phone cameras has changed idea of online marketing in a drastic way.  This new age online marketing is all about going visual.

  1. Upload on YouTube : We live in an era of video marketing or video promotion. And if you want to promote your business with the help of video marketing, all you need to have a camera and access to the Internet. First, record all the relevant things concerning your restaurant and then upload it on YouTube. Interview of chef or how to make a special dish or even the interview of the owner can become subjects of videos.  Your popularity will be judged by the number of people viewed your video on YouTube. And you always have the option to share a YouTube video on Google+, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or any other social media platforms.

  1. Your own website : Create your own niche. Do something which will make you different from others.  Having your own website not only gives an edge over your competitors’, it also shows your own style, culture or even values. Many large and medium size restaurant owners were ecstatic when they were asked to share their opinions on having own websites. One can always linked a website to any social media platform with a single click of a mouse. Importantly, your website has to be different and unique in comparison to others.  

Considering the above facts you should really shake your hands with social media as quickly as possible. Because it is quite sure that Social Media is here to stay for a longer period.

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