How To Reduce Bounce Rate | Complete Guide

reduce bounce rate
Now there are many simple tips through which you can reduce bounce rate. There are lot of factor which effect bounce rate.

What Is Bounce Rate?

What I know about Bounce rate is that “People will visit to your site but they will not read any article and they leave without visiting any page of your site.”

If you got low bounce rate then it smart and if you have high bounce rate then you must take some step to lower down your bounce rate.

Which Factor Effect The Bounce Rate?

*Poor Quality Of Article

*Bad Navigation In Site

*To many pop_up of ads

*Bad / Ugly design id site

Why Less Bounce Rate Is Good For You ?

*User are reading your article, If you have awesome content
*High Subscription Rate.

* Great Reader and Comment from them in your Blog Post.

Should You Improve Your Bounce Rate

Yes you should improve your bounce rate. If you have good bounce rate you are doing awesome job.
If you have bounce rate less than 70% then will are doing great job.
If you have bounce rate more than 70% then you should concentrate. Try to reduce bounce rate   through tips which i have given below.

Ways How You Can Improve Bounce Rate

1. Reduce Loading Time

Reduce loading time, Improve Loading Time, Quick and Fast Site
SEO is not only the factor of your site, you must have decent loading time of your site. Remove all unnecessary plugin from your site, Always optimize your image for better loading. And Last, always compress the Code. These All thing will help you to increase your speed of the site.
If your site is not quick people will move to other site which is quick and have Good writing style.

^_^ First Impression Is Usually The Last Impression ^_^

2.Provide Good Navigation

You should have good navigation menu. Don’t distract your user from Ads.
Make a navigation menu easy so that people can find the content Easily . Give then Site-Map or Archive List to user

If you are using video or music in your site then  always use manual click system. Don’t put that automatically. If user want to see they will see the video by playing it.

3.Better Content Of Site

User want Best content. If you have great content you will be the king of content.
If you have great content, visitor will stay in your site. Now a days blog design is also very important. User see your design first.Use good font in your site. Please.. Please.. never use small font. Visitor find difficulty  to read the font. My suggestion is use 15 to 16 font size in your site.
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4. Inter-Link Your Posts With Old Posts

Inter link you old post with new post. You should give at-least 2 links of old post.  This will help you to increase your Google rank and it will reduce bounce rate as people will engage with this.

5.Always Show Popular Posts In Blog

Always show popular posts in your Blog. First visitor always see the popular post first and read it .
If First time visitor come he might be in trouble what to read in the site, he will see the popular first.

6. Use Related Posts Widget In Blog

related post widget, related post is important in site, use related post widget
If you are blogger then you have to add the code manually and if you are using WordPress site/blog then there is plugin to show Related post.
I bet you this will help improve your bounce rate. Try this and tell us your result through comment?

7.Use Video on Blog posts

You have heard about video marketing. Video marketing is very popular now a days.  People don’t read introduction part, they will simply jump into the tips.
It means they will give less time to your Blog. I know people are very lazy in reading the whole article. I think NO one read the full article.  But how can you improve your Bounce Rate?
People always ready to see the video  rather than to read the Text Content of article.I have told all what I Read over internet and what I know about this. These all tips will help you to reduce your blog bounce rate.



  1. Nilesh Patil says

    Thanks for this very important info. Bounce rate really a very important aspect regarding SEO or your site health. We must have to lower down bounce rate. Thanks again.

  2. Allii Allee says

    i am still confused please help me out my blog bounce rate is 56% is it good or bad ?
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  3. sahil rana says

    nice tips and these tips helped me very much. thanks for sharing these tips
    sahil rana recently posted…Battle of the Titans- iPhone 5 vs. Galaxy S4 vs. HTC OneMy Profile

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