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What is More Sexy Quality Or Quantity Content ?

Quality Or Quantity Content It’s been a very big question for every blogger and till now there is no correct explanation for what should a blogger really focus on should it be the quality of the article or the quantity of the words in the article.

Quality Or Quantity Content

This problem or we can say situation has been created, it was not into light until the idea of Guest Blogging came into existence. This is also because of many Advertisement sites which require a large number of texts on the site in order to approve it for earning process.

This makes a blogger write and write lots of words to get approved by the site. Soon people started writing long articles, but lost the authenticity and the importance of the article for the readers.

Tell me if I am wrong, but Google Search also has a policy that any article less than 500 words is a waste on the internet. This also made people write more and more words into the article.


I have read many blogs till now and found that many of them are just a big bunch collection of words with no meaning. People write long articles for the sake of Google Search engine. I don’t believe in that, write for people and Google will respect your work anyhow.

Many bloggers think that copy paste will get their blog up and running but they are mistaken, the more you copy paste the more danger will come knocking on your door. So stay away from copy paste stuff.

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What I have learnt is, the quantity of the article does not matter any longer. Your language and choice of words can make you a sensible and a not so sensible writer. A simplified text with fewer words gets more attention with the convenience of readers with less time.

Another thing that makes your article gain popularity is its Authenticity. The most authentic and original you are, more your readers will trust you for getting more information. People now a day’s want short but full of informative article which can get them the exact answer what they want to know.

Have a balance of Quantity and Quality

With Quality comes Quantity. The more you practice the better you are. Write your article in a manner like you are explaining each and every thing relating to your article title.

Just filling your article with a bunch of words will not get you good readers and good earnings from your blog. Try to be true to your readers. Making them feel good will get you a good rank as well as a good amount of traffic and money to and from your blog. Make writing a learning experience for yourself.

Quality Or Quantity Content : Conclusion

Some time its important to just write to the point and leave the rest of the world. Doing so will gain the trust of your readers and will help you all way to the top of your blogging career. Never write anything not true, or selfish or anything like that can hurt once religion, cast etc. Be true, and you will be successful.

What you will choose Quality Or Quantity Content ?

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  1. Really Nice and helpful for visitors and i think quality is better than quantity.
    Akhil Swatantra recently posted…How To Increase Your Blog Traffic Easily – 7 TipsMy Profile


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