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Best SEO Tactics to Follow as Blogger

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is important because it is how people find your site in search engines. SEO brings huge amount of visitors to your blog and if done the right way it will boost your presence online. The key is to remember that search engines want the content to be fantastic for users. So [...]

Easy SEO Tips for Bloggers

SEO has changed a lot for the past few years. Gone are the days of just few backlinks and you have your content on top. Today there is much to ranking than just backlinks. And if you are just a blogger for hobby without any upfront money to market your blog, you are going to [...]

Top Reasons Why Your Guest Post Get Rejected ?

Guest Post Get Rejected

Guest post a term every blogger is aware off. Guest posting came into picture about 2-3 years back in blogger niches due to high demand of authors on websites and blogs. Guest authoring is one of the best way to get a back-link from a well know and well established blog or website. Now a [...]

Use of open graph protocol in current SEO

Open graph protocol plays an important role in social media network nowadays. The main duty of open graph protocol is to enable any of the webpage on internet to become a highly rich item in the social graph. As an example, the open graph protocol is used on facebook as to allow any web page [...]

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