How You are Distracting Blog Lovers???

Don't get Distracted
You have the same Question? I guess every blogger has this question once in his whole blogging career until he/she starts getting the readers. So, in today’s article I will going to tell you the reason for why no one read your blog article and also be giving its solution so u can make people to read your blog and make you some cash.

For most of us in the early stage of blogging it’s quite difficult to find out why are people not visiting our blog or reading my articles. There are many different things that can make people in not taking interest in your blog and its articles. Let’s discuss some of them below.

Not Having Specialty On Article Topic

I have seen many bloggers article and also studied some of the pattern of new bloggers and I have found one thing most of the new bloggers just adopt a trend of copy and paste methodology. This in-turn made your blog stay behind in rankings of Google and on Yahoo also. Whenever you write an article you have to get some basic logic behind what you are writing in that particular article topic.
If you write anything which does not have any logic behind it people defiantly won’t read your article at all. People just want logical articles now days so if you are writing anything other than logical it’s not going to work.
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Remove Cheeky Template

Most of the time bloggers are thinking about their blog Template. They waste most of their time making a cheeky template with all widgets and different types of things. These make your blog uneasy to navigate and by doing this you will lose your readers too soon.
Having Simple and SEO Optimized Template for your blog is the best you can do by yourself for your blog other things are done automatically when your blog is up and running.
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No Early Interaction with Audience

From what I have learned seeing many newbie blogger most of them avoid to interaction with people before and after launching their new website or blogs.
For being successful and to get people to read your blog you have to start interaction with your audience. By interacting with your audience you will get the idea for your next article which will be a huge success if you write as per the audience reading need.
“Knowing your audience is the basic need to be successful blogger.”
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Not doing Content Analysis and impact Search

Content analysis means reading your article content once or twice before publishing it. If you are able to understand what you are trying to convey to your audience then it’s good to publish and if you are unable to understand then you have to rework on your article and make it interesting to read.

Most of all what impact will the article leave on your targeted audience it also important to focus. There are two type of impact first is the good and second is bad. So for Good impact make the article interesting. Doing more and innovation in every article will also get you good amount of readers.



  1. Ankit Kumar Singla says

    Converting one time visitor into royal reader is a technique.

    We need to go through road of success – means learn from influential bloggers, what they do, what they recommend to do. This is the fastest way to learn amazingly new topics and concepts.

    Writing non sense content, having weird post format and blog design is the biggest step towards the failure.

    I wish Aditya and you, a great success in your blogging career :)
    Ankit Kumar Singla recently posted…Get Naughty Smile With Immense Blog TrafficMy Profile

    • Benny mathur says

      Hy ankit , thanks for your valuable comment and yes i am looking forward to work with aditya for some more improvement in blogging Career for newbie bloggers.


  2. Deep sinha says

    Very nice and informative tip….Keep it up buddy.
    Deep sinha recently posted…5 Major mistakes done by a bloggerMy Profile

  3. Rizwan Saharan says

    Benny mathur

    Hello bro your article is very useful and informative also
    i think we must focus on content and try to share with loyal readers and ask him what they want now.
    i think mostly blogger expert feel hesitate with their juniors to ask them what they like or not this is very bad habit my opinions is try to create interaction between you and your Juniors that’s very good thing to get good response from there side..
    Well bro i read everyday lot’s of articles and i feel really good thank you for your sharing. Best of luck
    Rizwan Saharan recently posted…Alexa Rank Widget Place on your Blog to boost your AlexaMy Profile

    • Benny mathur says

      Thanks Rizwan for liking my article. This is just a starting for me to write some Quality article for the reader and make them feel good about blogging as a career and not get distress.


      Benny Mathur

  4. Rizwan Saharan says

    Nice Sharing bro thanks for that
    Rizwan Saharan recently posted…Alexa Rank Widget Place on your Blog to boost your AlexaMy Profile

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