Most Unusual Ways To Get Post Ideas For Your Blog

To Get Post Ideas For Your Blog, Blog post ideas, ideas for your blog

When I searched over the internet about “getting post ideas” and what to do when you are in writer’s block?

I got tons of results saying the same thing. Just the difference between all those posts is their words and article lengths. If you just started blogging than you need to understand that you have started blogging in the blogger’s blast.

In this blast it is not very hard to survive but we need some patience, smart work, hard work and Unique mind to get more success than your competitors.

So some unusual ways of getting post ideas are like below. That I found when I searched about “How to get Post ideas?”

  • Stumble Upon and other social networking sites
  • Question Answers site and forums
  • Authority blogs in your niche – Getting post ideas from what they said
  • Renovation of your old posts – Adding new things to old posts or remake of old post
  • News Channels – Television

No doubt those are very good post ideas generating things but you can get ideas one time, 2 times and may be 20 times from there but than it will become hard to find new things. You again trapped in the writer’s block but there are some other doors still open for you. You need to try something new to write some- thing new.

Here in this post I am giving some great and unique things which are very useful to get post Ideas.

1# Comments

Commenting is one of the best way to get backlink but did you ever seriously check and read comments from other. You just read the articles, throw your comments which are usually useless comments like “Good Post” , “I like the way you explained” , “Great, It is very useful for me”. If you are doing comments like this than you are just another standing man in the crowd and no one will ever notice you. You need to do unique things in comments.

So question is How to Get Post Ideas from Comments?

Answer- Here is a simple way to get post ideas from comments. Open any famous blog in your niche (Mostly famous blog’s has more comments). Check the most commented posts there and check the comments manually one by one. Now you’ll automatically get some useful things from the comments. May be there are some contradiction with that post or some help asking comments need reply but the site owner is too busy to reply them. Grab your chance and register your post for that idea.

So comments are very useful to getting backlinks but you can use comments in this way also.

2# Spin the Title

I am not talking about posting spin content. Actually some times you will get some awesome result when you spin the title. I am taking example of some random title. So let me take a post from pro-blogger  ”How to craft a blog Post?” Is one of the pro-blogger’s post.

Spinned the title to attract the readers-

  • How you can build great post.
  • The art of writing a blog post.
  • Tips on how to write killer post.

You can see that I almost got my next topic to write because as I am on blogging niche I can write for any of those titles. Here I used some online spinner but I suggest you to spin the title with use of your brain. It will give the best results.

3# Cut/expand some part from long post

This will need some experience and expertise in on what you are blogging. Mostly some authority bloggers write long posts where they cover all the points in one post. But it is hard to cover all the points perfectly so there are some things missing which you can complete. Confused in what I am trying to say. Here is the easy example.

Let me clear with the topic of “Affiliate marketing-Beginners guide”

In this post assume that outline is like

  • What is affiliate marketing.
  • How to start with affiliate marketing.
  • what is the best affiliate marketing for beginners.

From these three points you can take either one of the point as your post title or you can expand this post with more creative ideas. Like if you have more ideas on “How to start with affiliate marketing” Than expand it in your blog in your post.

4# Content Idea generator

Now this is some what traditional way but there are very less people who use this. Small drive in the internet world will get you know this how you can create a unique content from your competitors. Like if you blog on the affiliate marketing than here is some example from content idea generator.

  • 9 Amazing affiliate marketing pictures.
  • What Wikipedia can’t tell about affiliate marketing (Funny but eye catchy title)
  • Warning: You are losing money by not using affiliate marketing.

Well those all titles I got from the online content Idea generator. If you don’t know any content idea generator than I suggest you to use I used it many times, one thing I like about this is it gives you awesome titles(How to write on it is on your hands)

At the end If any of them is not working than just look at your blog collect the best posts from each categories and Publish it. Like if you blog on health niche than you can collect 25 of your best posts and publish a post with the links of those posts. It will help you to get traffic to your old posts as well.

There are some other non traditional ways also like you can write post from your own confusion, more experiments in your ways,, checking your study books(Believe me it has great ideas).

From your daily routine and countless things. If you choose your niche perfectly than i am sure that you will not face any difficulty to get new post Ideas.

May be you need some time but when your time comes you’ll make a blast. Happy blogging journey and don’t forget to share your Ideas in the comments it will help a lot to others.

Author Bio: Vishal Soni – He blog at Dtechblogger. Dtechblogger blogs about the tricks, tips, how to and a bit on making money online.


  1. HaaPpy Singh says

    Thanks for explaining top ideas for a blog post This article helped alot in developing our blog to bring it to a certain position..!!Thanks for the article :)

  2. Bishal Biswas says

    Your Article is really useful to me, and I am really excited to perform what is mentioned here and see the results. Thanks a lot once again :)

  3. Ankit Kumar Singla says

    This is really an Exceptional post by you Vishal Bro.. ;)
    Getting fresh ideas is really a mind disturbing job and when we need it most, our mind get blocked for new ideas.
    Preventing from Writer’s block, we must need some never fail places and ways to get topics for new content on our blog and all mentioned ways here are genuinely killer.
    Content Idea Generator is what that I mostly like here and the way you present it’s examples are really admirable :)
    Worth reading tips for me and I would like to share this article ;)

    • vishal soni says

      Thanks Ankit,
      Glad to see that you like my post.
      Writer’s block is one of the most annoying moments for any blogger and we need to get out of it very soon. I write this post from my own experience and it works awesomely for me and for others also.
      Content Idea generator is the best way when we need quick post and ideas we got from them is awesome.

  4. Ryan Biddulph says

    All are great tips.

    I use the commenting strategy to connect with fellow bloggers. By sifting through comments I see what people are questioning, or chatting about, or having problems with.

    Just a few moments of observation can provide you with all the research you need to create an unlimited number of blog posts.


    • vishal soni says

      Hey Ryan,
      Great to see you here.

      Commenting is one of the great part in every blogger’s life. It gives backlinks as well as the exposure. and as I said we can use comments in this way also. Just the other way to get success in blogging.

  5. Making Money Through Blog says

    Great post. I just located your blog and wished to let you know that I have certainly loved reading your blogs. At any rate I’m going to be subscribing to your feed and I really hope you are writing again soon. Internet Marketing

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