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Chan Deep from blogtipsntricks, interview with chan deep

After long time time I have taken the interview. He is one of the great blogger in the blogging field.  He is the master in widget and theme creation.

His passion towards the work make him great blogger. He enjoys to make theme and widget for the audience.

I hope you will love this interview and share it please to make this post viral. J

1. Tell Something about Yourself and your website?

Hi Aditya, Thanks for Interviewing me.

I’m an 18 Years old blogger from Tamil Nadu, India. Who, always loves to learn new things, a blogger and addicted web designer.

I blog’s at A blog which provides blogging tips, SEO Tips, Blogger widgets and blogger themes for free. This blog helps other bloggers to take their blog to next level.

2. Please tell something interesting about your childhood and when you have entered into Blogging World?

In my Childhood I don’t know anything about PC, Laptop, etc. Till I reach my 4th STD, in that stage we bought a PC (which has very low performance). I used it only for playing games. I like Prince of Persia very much in that time. Even Now I love Prince of Persia and Play it :D

After few years From the Arrival of PC In our house I like to collect software’s and games. I played games on all of my free time and also learned some software’s like Auto-CAD  Then we got internet connection about 4 years ago. Even After getting internet connection I never changed.

Again I started to search for online games.  As I don’t know much about internet I spend most of my time on online gaming sites.  ;)
I entered into the blogging world two years ago. When I’m studying 10thSTD, it’s an accident I come to and signed up into it. (Believe it or not I started a blog without knowing what it is?)

My first blog was a tech blog (Now this blog is no more I removed it). Here I learned what Blogging, SEO, etc is. I continued this for a year.

After That I started my new blog in blogging niche called (Now it’s converted to a custom domain Then I started loving it especially on blog theme designing so learned a lot in designing and coding.

Thus I entered into the blogging world ;)

3. How much time you spend on your blog in starting days and how much time now you spend?

In my starting days I spend only 2 to 4 hours per day because in that day I didn’t take blogging seriously. But now I spend all of my free time in blogging and designing and it’s my Hobby, entertainment, everything

4. What is your Primary source of income?

My Primary source of income is through Theme Designing and Template Customization.

5. What is your Favorite Blogs?

I usually read every blogs which I find useful. So, there are lots of blogs in my favorite blog list. I use Google to find solution for my queries.

6. What is your future Plan in Blogging?

In Future, I want to make blogtipsntricks as one of the top Google publisher blog and a valuable resource for bloggers.
Then some may already know that I’m going to Start WordPress Theme Designing. I’m planning to start it in a separate domain to create an Awesome WordPress resource site ;)

7. Do you spend time on SEO work and link Building. What are your Strategies while doing that?

Actually I spend less time on SEO and Link Building. Because I believe that content is the king so I spend lot of time in designing themes, Widgets, content creation and helping other blogger :D
For SEO I make some customization in post like highlighting Keywords and adding post Description (Apart from this my theme is already optimized for SEO) ;)

You can check this article for better SEO to you blogger blog.

For Link Building I create themes and publish it for free with an attribution link for my site. Simple Na ;)

8. We have seen many new themes that have been launched in your blog how you started that? Will you continue this Work? It is your pass time or it’s a source of income?

It’s was started about one year ago. In that Time I didn’t know anything about designing or coding. At First I wanted a unique theme for my blog. So, I started to learn designing and coding myself, to design a theme for my blog.

Then I’ve managed to create a blogger theme for my blog (with lot of errorsJ) But after designing my first theme I liked it very much and wanted to learn more about creating themes and understanding codes.

This led me to create more themes and publish it in my blog, thus I started creating themes
Of course I’ll continue this work ;)

When I started it, it was a Pass time. Then I turned it into a source of Income :D

9. Give 5 tips for new blogger for their new Blog.

  • Focus on building Readership
  • Always write for Readers, not for search engines
  • Make your blog theme look neat and load faster (This will help to stay the new visitor and increase blog crawl rate)
  • Share your article on social media and interact with your readers (StumbleUpon is the best to get new visitors)
  • Publish articles constantly on a regular Interval (I lack in this ;D Will try to publish regularly) But don’t forget about the quality of the article.

10. What is your best moment in blogging Career?

There are many things I can mention as my best moment.
Some of them are

  • Getting Page-Rank 1 for my 2 month old blog
  • Listed on top 100k blogs in
  • When I got my first payment for designing a custom theme
  • When I learned to create a professional blogger template.
  • When I published my first free theme J

11. As you have started giving service to new blogger. Tell our audience about that service?

Currently I’m offering four Types of Services in Blogtipsntricks. They are

  • Template Customization - If you have a template but you think that it’s a little bit outdated and want to add more awesome features then this is the best choice for you.
  • Create Unique Blog Design – Once you had a nice theme but now you don’t like it and want to have a latest unique blogger template for your blog then I’m here to help you ;)
  •  Convert any themes to blogger Template – So, You like a design but it’s not available for blogger or it’s available for other platforms like WordPress, Joomla, etc. I can convert any type of theme to blogger template.
  • Sponsor Template – As you already know that I Publish free themes for building backlinks I want to give this service to my readers and fellow bloggers. So, I started this service. You can sponsor my free themes to have your blog link on the theme attribution. ;)

For More details you can have a look at our Service page.

12. Message for our audience?

Before I started blogging I know nothing about it. But after I started it I learned a lot, all is due to the dedication and patience. To become a Successful blogger you must keep these skills.

Even If you have both you can’t succeed unless you love what you do. (If you don’t love blogging then quit it or don’t start a blog, I’m saying it again you can’t succeed unless you love what you do)
I’ve seen some blogger who open blogs (Even they don’t like it) only on the sake of making money. They thought they can easily make money from blogging but in real only hard work can make good success and money in any field.

For Example, When you do a work which you don’t like then you won’t work hard in your field and also you can’t keep it going for a long term. It’ll become frustrating for you and thus in result you quit your work.

But if you love your work then you’ll enjoy the hard work and it won’t be a frustration for you. You can continue it for a long term with joy and this will led you to your success in your field.
So, always love your work or choose your interest/love as your work and keep working on that, Increase your skills in that field. Don’t forget there is no limit for learning when you quit learning you have to quit everything.

           “Love your field and keep learning in that field without losing your patience and dedication you’ll succeed”

All the best Guys, Happy Blogging… J



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