Making Money Through Blogging

Making Money
In this blog I am going to share what I learnt through my mistakes. You can say it is ” Direct From Horse’s Mouth”. Many people out there like me are passionate for writing, includes blogging. We start as a writer, improve ourselves then think of making them public and get satisfied. But friends that is not enough!!!!!. Yes, you need to make your work get noticed. Your passion should reach out there. This recognition will inspire you to deliver more of your potential and WILL GET YOU EARNING, earning well indeed.

The burning issue for bloggers is MAKING MONEY because they cannot let their efforts go in vain. I used to just write blogs, get them published and i was happy with the fact they are online at least. Here I made the biggest mistake of not promoting it. If you are writing good, then you deserve to GET NOTICED and your article is WORTH EARNING. What are you people waiting for, go PROMOTE IT within your friends, within all your contacts, and bag the recognition and of course the money through online recognition.

Good promotion is good for your blog health…!

Write Well, Earn Well: By this I mean, your article should be worth reading. No one has time to waste on articles published on 2nd or 3rd page of search engines. Write for your audience, because they will decide where you stand in the market. Target audience, Your ideal reader is what you need to answer yourself before you start typing the text.

Time Is Money!

That is well said. For a blogger, the amount of quality time you spend on creating that best information for your readers, that amount of time you should invest in promoting it as well. Only then your work is considered done. This is exactly what am going to implement.

Create A Relationship With The Audience

Whatever you deliver should serve a purpose to the readers. They do not have time for nonsense served to them. Information and Amusement is what stops them at you. The more they stop, the good is the bond. This will flourish into a mutualistic bond where you deliver your best for their best and they get you the clicks and ratings and yes!!! get you earning. Promotion of good quality is very essential here as i mentioned above.

Always be clear with the concept of quality vs quantity. Heaps of content and number of blogs is not what you require. It is that old and still valid word that counts QUALITY. The information you provide should be correct, unbiased and should have that element of engaging in you that makes you a hit in the market !!!

Let us have a quick look at the key points to MAKE MONEY THROUGH BLOGGING:



The right TIME


And you are there EARNING WELL, because of your PASSION…!

** Making money is not a goal, goal is reaching your audience. Please do not write only to make money, this will not serve the purpose. Write because it is your passion, write because you want eyes for your efforts, then think of money and your will definitely earn more than any blogger who just writes. Your PASSION PAYS YOU.




  1. Rana Irfan says

    I like this post very much because you wrote those word that I think.
    I say to my friends work for other not for money. then you will get every thing that yo want.
    what you say about my words?
    Rana Irfan recently posted…Birthday wishes for brother from sisterMy Profile

  2. Siraj Wahid says

    I am really inspired from your thinking. Write for your audience and you will generate money automatically. Thanks.
    Siraj Wahid recently posted…How to: Enlarge Your Site’s Google Plus ReachMy Profile

  3. Bishal Biswas says

    Really Thanks A Lot For This Precious Article, It’s really great and informative.

    Thanks a lot once again.
    - Bishal Biswas
    Bishal Biswas recently posted…Top 5 Ways To Engage Your Blog ReadersMy Profile

  4. Windows Phone says

    I have used Adsense till now. But recently my friend showed me how to get extra income and how these review and webmaster sites are earning. Beside that there are lot of income in clickbank and other CPA affiliate networks.
    Windows Phone recently posted…Get Max Out of uTorrent – Increase Download SpeedMy Profile

  5. Prashant says

    Short but really informative and well written post. Audience should be engaged on your blog to earn money. Without audience or readers, blogging is nothing.

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