Are You Blogging Just For Making Money?

Making Money
Is blog just another source of income? 
Has the money making mindset prevailed over the knowledge sharing mindset?

Let us seek answers together.

What is a BLOG?

BLOG is a word derived from ‘web log’. A blog is a post or a share that has your experiences, your opinions, or a piece of information that you want to share by writing. It can online as well as offline. It is ‘Your story’ to connect to people around the world.

For me, it is a platform. A platform to showcase my writing, to gain experience and to improve, so that I connect better with people around.

Blog, in recent times from offline has extended itself into online world too. Bloggers earlier took it as a Mass Medium. It was an individual’s take on happening around and catching attention of readers/ seekers of information. It was something in which earning was the last priority. But, this mass medium witnessed of lot of changes.

  • Now at offline and online screen.
  • Seen wider acceptance as a medium.
  • Popular among huge number of readers, bloggers.
  • Established as a platform of money making.

How money has taken over?

Blog’s popularity as a platform made it a source of income. People who write well, who know how to sell through words are enjoying this.

Techies, make websites, post ads on the screen, post blogs and earn really well!!!

Gained popularity BY YOUTH and FOR YOUTH. Today’s youth popularized, took it to another level, and made the most optimal use of this platform.

We write, we share, we connect, we change.

But money from being last on the priority list, now tops the list. The idea of sharing is losing its meaning. People write more and earn more and in piles of articles on the screen has reduced its quality level blog by blog.

For the sake of earning, bloggers copy content of others. They do not want to spend time much on reading about the issue, the product etc. and take it as a QUICK MONEY MAKING IDEA.

A writer for a blog, needs to be well aware about the topic, good in language to attain a level quality in the article. The blog’s content will earn popularity and money for him. If at all, for someone blogging is the only source of income, then as a writer following should be taken care of:

  • The content should be for the audience, that is, should be of use, should be worth reading.
  • Your idea should be clear and concrete to reach out.
  • Understand your ideal or target audience.
  • Language should be correct.
  • Writing or way of presenting should interest the readers.
  • Your message should diffuse at lengths and depths.
  • Content should not go off- track.
  • And no show-off of words.

SIMPLE BUT SIGNIFICANT is the key for a quality material

Take care of the above. Your articles will be worth reading and paying. Your articles should stand out in the crowd of regular, boring blogs which are mere pages of content.

A writer’s aim should never be money, but the audience. Earning more audience is the actual pay for a writer.

And for this, you require PATIENCE. Patience in your improvement, patience in popularity, patience in earning. Make it clear, that blog is not a platform to share. There still exists some websites where you find value for quality.

There are people who write for a read worth and not just to earn. Rely on quality and you will earn more.

And for young bloggers, present yourself in your content, be it your reflection, let it reflect your sense of freedom, your freedom of thought and




  1. Siraj Wahid says

    Well, i’m not blogging just for making money. I’m blogging because i like interacting with people. If someone is blogging from making money, worth reading content and innovative idea will do the trick for him.
    Siraj Wahid recently posted…Why I Hate the King of CPC (Adsense)?My Profile

  2. Bishal says

    Wow, It’s Just An Awesome Article Buddy, Thanks A Lot.
    Bishal recently posted…7 Elements To Look For While Doing Backlink AnalysisMy Profile

  3. Ankur Upadhyay says

    Money should be the least priority for any blogger. Bloggers should concentrate on their job first i.e. writing quality content and sharing it with their readers.
    If you are good at something, then others will definitely like to follow you.

  4. Sanket Patil says

    This could be the idea for those who blog for making money but still this help every blogger get some good amount from their blogs. Thanks for sharing useful tips.
    Sanket Patil recently posted…Simple Email Subscription Widget for Blogger BlogMy Profile

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  6. Somesh Singh says

    That was helpful! But putting that in action is quite difficult..Btw I love what you write! You are such an inspiration.

    Somesh Singh recently posted…Top 10 Best Affiliate Programs To Make MoneyMy Profile

  7. Rita lopes says

    hi Dhisharika Sachdeva ,
    thank you for writing such a informative post and sharing with us. i enjoyed it and it is very helpful to all of us regrading how can blogger own money . keep it up

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