7 Best Ways To Make Your Blog Popular

Make blog popular
Blog is a career where if you are not popular then you are nothing but just another website or blog on the internet data or server. Making a quality content for the site does not matter. In practical you have to make your blog popular. Most of the newbie blogger does not get onto the right foot for blogging and may have unseen the most common

Today I am going to explain some of the basic tips through which you can make your blog popular.

Post Frequency

If you are a part time blogger or full-time blogger, make a proper schedule for your blog. I will give you advice to make a three post in a week so that your loyal reader get engage with that. Or at-least try to post 10-15 post in a month. As you might have read that too much posting is not good for the site.

Use Social network

Are you feeling shy to promote your article? If yes then don’t hesitate. Promotion is best way to get traffic. There are many social networks site like Face book, dig, twitter, stumble upon, etc.
Always promote your post when you publish new post in your blog, don’t think what other people going to say. If your site and you don’t promote your article then who will read your article.To promote just use Face book and Google+ these are the best place to share your new article to get more exposure.

Make You Blog Load Faster

Loading time matter a lot as if your blog is fast then no one is going to leave your blog and if your blog is slow in loading then user going to leave your site. Users don’t have lot of patience. They will simply going to switch on other blog.

How you can make your loading time faster? For that you have to reduce unwanted plug-in in your site. Do more optimization for your blog.If you are Word Press user then there are lots of plug-in through which you can increase your site loading time.

Guest Posting

Now a day’s guest posting is becoming a popular trend. As you might have seen many blogger are doing guest post in other site to create a back link for the site.Through guest posting you can increase your traffic very quickly. And creating a quality back link will help in PR update.

Don’t Blog only for money

I know everyone goal is to earn a lot of money through blogging in a quick time. It is impossible for everyone to make money with blog as it needs patience for that.

Blog Design

Blog design matters a lot. We say a first impression is the last impression. So make your blog design neat and unique. This is one of the most important factors.

People get attracted towards unique thing. But now all themes are made which are on the net… What to do now? Do some customization so that it looks different from other.If your Blog design is not good then I am not going to visit in your site. If I visited by mistake then I will leave that site in a quiet time.

Make your navigation of your site easy so that audience don’t have any problem is searching the content in your site.
If you are going to Buy Theme for the Word Press then I will recommend Thesis and woo themes. You might be thinking that my site is on blogger. But friends I am using Word Press also.

Free Stuff in your Blog

Do you love free stuff? I live free stuff. It is a good way to gain more readership or audience for the site.
What can you give in free stuff? Anything that you want like: an eBook, Word Press theme, Tools, See Classes and other things.
Whatever you are giving to the audience just see that it is worth downloading. In this Quality matter a lot because people love to download good stuff.




  1. Hari vignesh says

    Hi Aditya the 5 th point you shared was great most of them are blogging only for money so that they don’t get interest and leave blogging and the points you shared is great aditya good points keep it up :-D
    Hari vignesh recently posted…Promote Your Blog Post: Smart Ways.My Profile

    • AdityaSingh says

      You are right bro. All blogger are now days are blogging for money.
      Thanks For the Comment and keep visiting.
      AdityaSingh recently posted…Top 7 Mistakes New Bloggers MakeMy Profile

  2. Ankit Kumar Singla says

    Hey Aditya Bro,

    These tips are either basic but yes all of them are very solid and must be followed.

    I’m blogging with my BTT blog from past 6 months and what I have learnt with it is that if we provide tutorials and solutions what others are looking, then surely we can make our blog popular.

    Content is KING – It’s true… But now Quality Content is the most demandable thing in the blog-o-sphere and everyone wants to read out awesome and trustworthy guides.

    If you get user’s trust, then no doubt your blog will become popular with skyrocket :)

    Users will automatically share your posts with their social media friends and you’ll get more authority and trust in your niche. This is the fastest phenomenon to get popular in the blog-o-sphere. ;)

    I wish you best of luck to get trust of your readers, then they will help you to make a popular blog.

    Ankit Kumar Singla recently posted…Promote Your Blog Posts While SleepingMy Profile

  3. Benny Mathur says

    Nice informative article. You have shared almost all the Hit Tips to make a blog popular.

    Nice work and research Keep It Up

  4. Ajay says

    Really This Post Is Wonderful…Good Explanation. Giveaway Will Also Give A Great Impact, That Will Improve Blog Traffic And Will Also Make Your Blog Popular….
    Ajay recently posted…How To Start A Blog Successfully : Complete GuideMy Profile

  5. fendi says

    The article is awesome. I will really share this with my friends. The site is awesome. (Y)
    fendi recently posted…Beberapa keuntungan mempunyai BlogMy Profile

  6. Sagar Desai says

    Hey, Aditya,
    Nice article. Yes you have mentioned all important points. Keep posting!!
    Sagar Desai recently posted…5 Essential Blog pages for your BlogMy Profile


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