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Make Sure You Always Have Something to Say Online

Something to Say online
Many bloggers ask themselves what topics to write about so that they keep their audience engaged. This is the most common problem that they face. The reason for this is that once they start writing their blog, they have many things to say but soon they just run out of ideas. It is very easy to write content when you are enthusiastic and full of ideas. But what happens after that? Many people simply abandon their blogs.

However, you can be more successful and may manage to survive the crisis if you take on a new approach. All you need to do is develop various streams of information. This will give you more content and will keep you engaged in your readers’ activity such as what they are saying about you and what they are doing online.

Here we will talk about several ways to develop ideas and streams of information for your blog. Let’s get straight to the point.

Have a look at your blog

Check out every topic you’ve written about and read the post. Every text can give you more ideas for subsequent texts. The various posts present different thoughts and ideas that can be further expanded. Just have a look at the texts. You will be surprised at how many things come to mind now that you are reading them over and over.

Use hashtags

Yes, I know that hashtags are mostly used on Twitter, but the truth is, they got so popular that they can be used on other sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+ to keep track of information and conversations. They help you find a particular topic or string of information you are looking for.

Do some serious research on the Internet

If you are wondering what topics to write about, a quick web search will help you find various sources of information. Done once or twice is great, but if you do it every day to look for inspiration, it may become a bit time consuming. Instead, you can count on tools like Yahoo Alerts and Google Alerts to help you monitor the web and notify you about any piece of information that is posted on the web and concerning your keywords.

Use aggregators

Surely, when you are searching the web you will come across sources that will become your favorite. But going through all the alerts to find the ones that are the most intriguing is a bit annoying.

For this reason, I encourage you to use RSS or Rich Site Summary news feeds. Most publishing sites have such feeds.

If you want to use content aggregators online, you can go for, DiggReader, Newsblur and other. Remember that websites should support feeds in order to be added to such aggregators. is one of the most popular content aggregators. When you visit the site, you have to enter the hyperlink of the site you love to read so that you find it and add it to your feedly. is another popular aggregator that you can use. In order to use it, however, you may need to sign up.

DiggReader, as it names implies you can literally dig for information. Just like Newsblur, you need to sign in using Facebook, Twitter or Google.

Whatever you choose to, you have to know that in order to be successful at blogging you first need to ensure that you have sufficient ideas to write about. It is not about starting publishing. Consider the above tips in order to approve your blogging. Good luck!

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