Main Guidelines To Follow Before Writing Guest Posts For Blogs

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Guidelines Before Writing Guest Posts

You may wish to integrate gust blogging into your online link building strategy. This is a good idea because the likes of Google are really hot for blogs at the moment. They feel that blogs are a good way for people to police their own quality, and so a guest blog posting may end up getting you a link from a high ranking Web-log. A link from a web-log that ranks highly is going to be more valuable that one from a lower ranking blog. Here are a few things to think about before you go sending off you guest post articles.

Think about your blog hosts track record

It is a good idea to post things online onto another person’s blog, but make sure that you are not just doing them a favor. For example, if your blog post is of a sufficiently high quality then it may increase the blog’s PageRank, and may buy the owner a little more traffic. If however the owner is running a fairly shoddy blog, then the link that you receive is not going to be worth very much to you. Giving a little and taking a little is a good idea, but in this situation, you would be giving more than you receive.

Check the content of the blog you wish to upload onto

Is their content thin or poorly researched? Is it full of information that is not particularly correct? It is full of content that is poorly phrased or rushed? Do you find the information boring, or does it look like the author has simply rewritten a piece of text?
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Has the blog’s content been spun from something else?

Is the content spun? Spun content is going to look like it is awkwardly phrased, but this is because words have been added and removed from an original sentence. It also means that some words have been switched for synonyms. This become particularly obvious when words with two meanings such as “tear” are substituted for the wrong meaning word.

Adverts should be rare and not a blight on a blog

Are there more adverts than content? Or will the web log force you to seem at adverts before going allowing you to some content? is that the web log choked with spammy content that is just there to promote a link, website or product? Are there too many links on the page?
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Are all the articles the same length?

This is another indicator that the blog you are about to upload to is not as good as it first appears. These are the more deceptive article and blog pages, because the content may be reasonably okay, but the article lengths are all almost identical. This happens when a blog owner purchases articles and then passes them off as his/her own. The search engines are aware of this and will restrict the search engine position of such websites, especially if they ally their efforts with black hat SEO.

Another term for this type of article length problem is “over optimization”. This downside is in addition a priority  if the articles all appear to be the same short length. How much information can a blog really give with 300 and 400 word posts? The search engines are aware that some posts are going to be short, but posts that are consistently short should be on Twitter, and should not be on a blog.

Another clue to whether you post your article on a blog

The quality of the links and adverts that a blog has is going to give you some indication of the quality of the blog and its potential SEO value. For example, if there are lots of links coming from the blog, and there are lots of adverts for penis enlargement, weight loss, white teeth and younger skin, then there is a big chance that this blog has little credibility within the online community.

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