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How to List Your Business in G+ Local Properly

Google+ local, which was earlier known as Google Places, is certainly one of the best methods of promoting your local business online. This is because it enables your business to become a part of Google Places and Maps on one hand and increases the possibility of ranking in Google search on the other. For this reason, any SEO company in India makes it a part of their packages these days.

However, only the top seven or three listings are shown from Google places by Google search. So, if a local business wants to rank on the 1st page of Google, it has to optimize its listing for appearing in the top three spots.

Now, when it comes to optimization, the most important thing is to avoid some common mistakes committed by people while submitting information in listing their businesses in Google+ local. Let us, thus, have a look at 5 such mistakes and how you can avoid them:

Stay away from free email services: If you have a site which you want to use in your local listing, it is advisable to make use of the email address only on your domain. For instance, if the name of your website is, use an email id like .

If the email id does not match with your domain, there is a high possibility of Google rejecting your listing.

Do not use keywords in organization/company field: This is a very common mistake made by people at the time of submitting their listing to G+ local. It is important to use the real name of your organization in the field where you are asked to enter the name of your organization/company.

Keywords are used by people or many a professional SEO company India here for getting high click through rate for their listings though success is achieved by very few of them. But, if your business keywords are put rather than your company name, you can very well expect your listing to be rejected.


If company name is not used by you, people are likely to get confused, particularly if they plan on visiting your business place. If you use your company name, it can also assist in establishing your company as a brand in the long run.

Use appropriate keywords in the category fields: A maximum of 5 categories can be selected by you in the category field. There is no need to select the category from only the drop down suggestions but at least one category has to be chosen compulsorily from the suggestion.

Your business keywords can be entered by you in the remaining four options. However, you should do some research before entering any keyword. You can make use of Google Keyword tool in order to identify the most searched keywords associated with your business.

It is not advisable to use the city name in the keyword, such as ‘Best Architect in Delhi’; rather, use ‘Best Architect’ only. City is added in your keywords automatically by Google. This is a sure-shot way of ensuring some good local traffic for your listing.

Use images and videos: People usually use either a single image or video or no image or videos at all. Remember up to 5 videos and 10 images can be uploaded by you. Make use of these options for uploading more videos and images associated with your business. This will not only compel Google to rank your listing considerably high on search engine but also enable people to get more information about your business via your images and videos.

Achieve list completion to 100 percent: If you want to see your listing on G+ local fast, make sure it is totally completed. Add information in each and every field that is mentioned there. The progress can be checked under the heading “Your Business Info” on the right hand side. Anything below 100 percent means 1 or 2 fields have been left blank by you.

These are the mistakes usually made by people and also a few SEO company in India while making business list submission in Google+ local. Make sure you do not make any of them, particularly if you want to bring your business listing on the 1st page of Google.



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