LinkedIN: One More Way To Promote Your Site

LinkedIN: One more way to promote your site

LinkedIN is more of a professional person’s social media site. It may be attended by non-professional persons, but there is little for them to do. The site is more about creating an online CV, in that people can see where you have worked and what you do right now. It was created in 2002 and launched in 2003. The site operates in over 200 territories (as they put it) and has over 200 million accounts. It is available in a number of different languages and has around 20 million visitors per month in America.

Some people use LinkedIN to promote their site. This is done by promoting oneself and then having the people that you influence go and visit your website. It is a fairly inefficient way of getting people to visit your site, but it is a free way of getting people to visit your site. Plus, the people you romance on LinkedIN may be more willing to make a purchase from you. He/she may also be a person of influence and may be able to get others to visit your site too.

You can build up a nice network of contacts

LinkedIN is a contact network and it is built up of a large number of people from different places and companies. There are a lot of people that you can make a direct connection with, and you can then make contact with their connections and the connections of their connections. These are termed as second-degree connections and third-degree connections. You can use this function to gain a few introductions to new people.

Get to know people via mutual contacts

As stated in the previous point, you can get to know new people through the people you know already. This is a very good way to make a mutual contact really work for you. You can get to know people, but comment on the people you already know so that you have some sort of common ground to start the conversation with. It is not much of an online introduction, but many times you do not really need much of an excuse to contact someone else.

Upload your CV onto your LinkedIN profile

It may seem a bit pointless doing this if you are trying to sell the idea of your website or blog on LinkedIN. However, you are the doorway through which people find out about your blog or website. You need to sell the idea of yourself first, so that you may influence people enough to have them visit your website. If you upload your CV then you can sell yourself to the people you meet on there.

You can sell yourself via your community experiences and your work

The truth is that you do not even need a good CV to sell yourself. You can rely on charm if you must. But, if you not have much of that then you can use your work experience and your community experiences to sell yourself on LinkedIN. At the very least it may give people an insight into what you and your website is all about. For example, if you have spent the last 40 years as a graphic designer then it is fair to assume that you will have a website and that it may hold some interesting information on it.

You can list jobs on your LinkedIN profile

This may not seem like much of a traffic magnet, but you will be surprised at just how many people will visit your linked site if you say you have jobs available. If you list all of the job openings in your company on your LinkedIN profile, and give people the news that they should visit your site, then you are going to get a lot of people visiting your website.

Allow job seekers to review you as a manager

If you are advertising jobs online, then people may wish to learn a little bit about the employer. You can allow people the opportunity to do this via your LinkedIN profile. They may then find your website via your profile and pay it a visit.

Allow people to follow your company

If they are following your company, for whatever reason, then they are likely to visit your website. LinkedIN gives them yet another way to follow your website.

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  1. Harsh Shah says

    Hey Nellie, nice article.. Indeed Linked helps you build yourself as a professional and showcases you to potential recruiters and clients! I have been lazy till now to use it but will try my hands on Linkedin asap.

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