Interview With Navneet Owner Of Techravers

Naveet Owner OF Techravers

Recently i have taken the interview of Navneet. He is very dedicated to his work. He is one  of the best blogger in India. 

He is the Owner or you can say Founder of I found that site interesting. That’s why i have taken the interview of him.
I have asked some question through form and he has relied to that question. 

He has got Zero PR for Techravers but which is currently valued at $58,800.

His site cover various Topic Which may be helpful to you. Blogging,Seo Updates,Social Network,Video games.
I thanks to him for his time and consideration.

Q: Could you give us a brief introduction about yourself?
Ans:- I am Navneet from Tech Ravers . I am a 13 year old blogger from Hyderabad , India . I don’t think there is anything more to tell about my self .

Q: How did you start your first blog?
Ans:- I started my first blog after accidentaly stumbling upon MBT . My first blog was not at all good and did not do well in building a loyal readership .

Q: What makes your blog interesting to your current readers?
Ans:- Even though , I don’t have much content on my blog , I do think that all of my content is rock solid . My current readership is very strong . I have readers from all around the world .

Q: Tell us Interesting facts about Blogging? 
Ans:- You should consider reading this post on my blog .

Q: What do you consider to be your strengths and weaknesses with the WordPress platform?
Ans:- If you would ask me about my normal strength and weakness , I would have given you a proper answer . But as you have asked regarding the WordPress platform . I have only weakness which is editing codes . If there is any plugin alternative , I use it rather than messing up with the code .

Q: How is your normal working day? 
Ans:- My normal working day is kind of different . I spend about 8 hours in school and 3 hours in tution . Which means half of my 24 hours goes down in studies .I sleep for 8 hours. Which means I have only 5 hours left . In those five hours , I spend two hours online and the rest of three hours is distributed uniformly for Television , Physical Excercise etc .

Q: Which webmaster/blogger is your role model? 
Ans:- My role model ? Well , I’d rather say that if I mentioned my Role Models here than your page would take ages to load . Why ? Because I have lot’s of role model’s . Almost every blogger , I met has helped me in any way they can .

Q: Which Site is your Favourite Site?
Ans:- If you are talking about favorite blog than they are lot to mention . But if you are talking about websites than I would only say Google , Facebook and Youtube . They eat away my time . ;)

Q: According to you, what is the future of blogging? 
Ans:-  The way it is going now . I think that in the next 5 years , Blogging Institutions may come up . I would also say that Blogging would be approved as a profession . :)

                                             Proud to be a Blogger

Q: Are you planning to be a full time blogger? Would you like to share your earnings? 
Ans:- Bascially , this question is awkward as I have not yet even completed my School . I might become a full time blogger after completing my education which will probably take 15 years more . Till then I would be a part time blogger .

Q: You have been successful in establishing a decent blog ? How ?
Ans:-  All credit goes to my dear readers . Without them none of this would have been possible .

Q: Your site value is  $ 58,800 USD ? What you think about it? 
Ans:- Wow! Is my site worth that much money ? I never knew .

Again , I would give the credit to my readers

Q: Any wise words for my readers ?
Ans:- I don’t think , I have reached the stage to give advice to others and sermonize . All I would tell is KEEP BLOGGING !



  1. Ankit Kumar Singla says

    It seems inspirational for me that a 13 years old guy doing so well.. Well wishes to Navneet and you Aditya.
    From: Blogger Tips And Tricks

    • Aditya Singh says

      Yes, as i said in previous comment he is one of the best blogger and Writer.
      Thank you for the wishes and for the comment ^_^

    • Aditya Singh says

      Yeah Sure. This is a customize theme i have made this look my self .
      What theme you want. For BLOGGER or WORDPRESS???

    • Aditya Singh says

      Thanks for liking my site theme. If you can tell me for which platform u need. then only i can tell u theme name.
      Thanks for the comment.

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