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How to Infuse Your Blog With Personality

Infuse Your Blog With Personality
Is your blog boring? It’s OK to admit it. Not all blogs grab readers by the eyeballs and force them to read. It takes guts to admit that you need to kick things up a notch. If you’re willing to do that, there’s good news for you: you can likely steal all of your competitors’ visitors and keep them coming back for more. Here’s how:

Get Regular Guest Writers

One of the best things you can do is to find guest writers that will keep your blog hopping. That’s no easy task – especially when you’re trying to keep the standards high. Your readers understand that you won’t be writing everything, and they’ll likely cut you some slack if one or two posts slip by that aren’t quite up to par, but you absolutely must have quality writing on the site.

Having multiple voices (contributors) allows your readers to see different sides of an issue or to get a little variety in the posts. It also makes your blog look bigger. Think about it. Think about all of the blogs with 10 or more guest authors. Don’t they look huge? There’s just so much content from so many different perspectives – it’s almost like you’re a multinational conglomerate.

Take On Controversial Topics

You’ve probably heard something like this before: “controversy creates cash.” It’s true, and it also draws visitors. One of the lesser-talked-about advantages of creating controversy on your blog is that it draws out all of your worst antagonists. This is an amazing opportunity.

You’ll get slammed in the comments section and have the opportunity to come out swinging – but you won’t. Instead, you’ll deal with disagreements civilly. Why? Because some of your readers will be your fans. An even smaller percentage will be fans who are absolutely crazy about you – and those are the ones that will raid your comments and defend you to the death.

Of course, all of this back-and-forth creates additional content in the comments section. If you create a truly epic post, and take a controversial position, the whirlwind of discussion will end up taking on a life of its own. All you have to do is find a way to capitalize on it.

Take A Side On An Important Industry Issue

Everyone loves a blogger who takes sides. The middle-of-the-roaders often feel that their position is “safe.” “Safe” is code for “boring” – and that’s how people will perceive you. When you take sides on an issue, you leave yourself open to being wrong, and that’s OK. Your job isn’t to be perfect. It’s to create value, and you can do that even when you’re wrong.

You see, a lot of blogging is a learning experience. People learn from others’ perspectives. You learn from your fans and commenters. Let’s say that you write a blog about some issue, and you later learn that you were wrong about that issue. Here’s how that helps you: you get to write a revised piece (a new post), link to your old post, and then share the ongoing narrative of your blog. People will respect you for having integrity, honesty, and the courage to be wrong more than they will respect “perfectionism.”

Infuse The Blog With Personality

Most blogs suffer from a severe lack of personality. Swear, use off-color jokes (if it fits with your intended audience), be audacious if that’s your style. Share personal stories, get intimate, and write how you talk (minus the verbal pauses). It will make you seem real, and that’s what people really connect with – reality.

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by Aditya Singh

Hi Guys, I am part-time blogger. You can circle me on Google+

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    Getting top and good guest bloggers are really important to get new audience for our blog. And yes it’s a great idea to Take the readers On Controversial Topics as mentioned above.

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  3. very very informative article. thanks alot for sharing such wonderful article.
    Amit Gupta recently posted…Central University of Bihar:Recruitment of Faculty Positions 2013My Profile

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