What Things Needed To Increase Blog Popularity?

Increase Blog Popularity
We keep hearing, Blogs, Blogs, Blogs everywhere. But it is important to Increase Blog Popularity? YES.. YES …

Most of us are involved in blogging. We are living in times of this new media where expressing ourselves through these mediums is quite a regular activity. Blogs, articles, aah!!! I do that.

Blogs, the websites apart from fun are more of a platform designed for imparting something useful. As we all are aware of the fact that blogs are a multitude. Their magnitude is ever increasing and starts from regular to new in market topics.

They tell you about people sharing their new recipes in kitchen, their new gadget and whether you should spend your savings on them or not. People share their opinions on socio-political issue catching heat, about hair and care tips and covering health and lifestyle section too.

Popularity, is what a blogger needs and desires for and when a blog is meant for the people then it must diffuse through the public…

And Popularity comes to those articles that have something new and innovative to offer. And their innovations served to the audience are judged for their content.

In this journey of writing, posting, delivering and getting feedback, the writer has to take care of the most important thing, called audience, for whom the content is made.

We need to understand the audience for the word known as POPULARITY, to get common for our blogs.

We segregate audience into different categories- Early responses, Majority, and the Laggards.

Early responses

The viewers who respond to the information at the earliest. The ones among us who actually wait for the NEW in the market and react to it at the earliest.  You write something, say, a recipe and there you get a quick response, it can be positive or negative.


Then comes the group of majority, covering the larger mass. They decide on a rationale basis, logical grounds. This includes the seekers who actually try and search for the blogs of their use, they read a lot and then come to a stand of their own, that suits them the best. The seekers, better called. They seek different websites and blogs and respond.


The ones who are rigid at their mindsets. They are not willing to adopt the change and stick to their old norms.

Apart from these sets of the audiences, we have the layman’s terms- children, students, women, professionals, senior citizens, etc.

To gain popularity, understanding of the target audiences is very important. When you write, ask yourself some basic questions:

  •  Is your article serving any purpose of the readers?

  •  Is it worth taking out time and having a read?

  •  Have you kept in mind your ideal set if audience?

Answering these questions and then proceeding, will give you astonishing results. Having patience is another that needs to be adopted by a writer.

There are somethings that distract readers off your article. These are :

  • grammatical mistakes
  • no flow in writing
  • use of too much of vocabulary
  • not so easy to understand
  • Nothing new to offer

Keep in mind all of the above Do’s and Dont’s and get ready for better popularity and results:)


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