Improve Your Writing Skill So That The Site Can’t Be A Mess

Improve Writing Skill
Now a day’s it’s all about presentation. The better you present your blog or website more you will get the audience and traffic to your blog/website.
The basic need for a successful blog is its quality. The articles your write should be of high quality. The more quality your article will have more your readers will be happy from you.

Blogger Should Know

First of all for any blogger it’s very important that he/she should know how to write in 2-3 languages like Hindi, English and their local language.

A blogger should have a full command on grammar of every language he/she knows. The stronger your grammar will be more sensible article you will be able to write.

How to Improve Your Grammatical Mistakes

For improving your spelling mistake and grammatical mistake first of all you have to start reading Novels, newspapers, magazines etc. This will surly improve your writing skills and your blog article quality.

Furthermore to improve your writing skills for becoming a professional writer you can always go to library to refer to good books which can help you get more new and interesting words, which can be used in your articles. Most of the US people love to explore new words every day so, if you blog got bunch of new words in every article you will get a whole lot of traffic from US side.

These are some ways to improve your mistakes you may do in your article writing.

Now I will tell you what are the side effects of having poor writing skills.

Some of the side effects of Bad writing skills are:-

  • Poor presentation of your blog in front of more than 1 million audience who may read or see your more often.
  • Poor Rank in Google Search, this is because Google need new and proper information that you can share with the whole lot of new people. Google Always index new and authentic things. 
  • The Major problem that you can face for having bad writing skill on blogger is the non- visibility of your blog or no traffic from people.

See, at first all new blog get a good amount of traffic because people are unaware of what and how you are writing things on your blog. As the time passes an image is formed in the visitors mind if the image is good then you will get a lot of traffic on daily bases, but if you got the wrong impression then you will not get a good traffic on your site. So Improve your writing skill by reading more article and other site :D



  1. hitesh ahuja says

    Hi All,

    There is no rocket science behind improving writing skills.
    It is a complete process that improves with time.
    Do some of things regularly :
    First of all, write everyday at specific point of time.
    Write anything you want to write. It could be related to movie, a short note, love letter or poems.
    That is the basic food for thought process.
    Secondly, Read as much as you can. There is no restriction on the kind of reading.
    If you prefer novels, you may go for it.
    If you love business, you may read economic times or other such newspapers.
    Third, learn a new word everyday. Don’t write down many words a day.
    Keep a target of learning 5 at a time. When they sum up to 25, revise all.
    Whichever word you learn, try to involve in your writing. It is the only way by which you can remember the word you have learned.
    Cramming the whole dictionary is not possible.

    • Benny Mathur says

      Thanks Hitesh for sharing your views on how to improve writing skills , and yes its true there is no rocket science for improving your writing skill, but as the time pass your get your hand set in writing and that’s what’s make your article different from others.


  2. Rajesh Jhamb says

    Hello Benny Mathur
    with the time Writing skill will be improve.
    Always go through your article before publishing it. This may be correct your spelling or grammatical mistake.
    Watch movies or seasons so that these stuff may help you.
    Thanks for sharing awesome article bro
    Rajesh Jhamb recently posted…Apple iPhone 5S specifications, features, price-ReviewMy Profile

    • Benny Mathur says

      your welcome Rajesh Jhamb . Yes movies also improve your writing skills because it increases your grasping power.


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