How Your Blog Can Be Benefited By Your Old Posts

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There are various ways that you can use your old article to help you engineer a better blog post in the here and now. This article explains the few ways in which you can improve your blog by leveraging the work you did in the past.

 If you think about it, if your older blog posts are just sitting there are not receiving traffic, then you will need to ask yourself if you are really doing you any justice. After all you did work on them for free, and yet at the moment they appear to be giving you no real benefits.

Use them for inspiration

This is not a particularly bad idea, because if you are writing your blog on a certain niche, then it is conceivable that some of the topics are going to be re-covered in the future. For example, imagine if 50 years ago people stopped writing about the genome as research began on it.  

If it was not written about, then in the present day doctors would not be able to identify the genetic markers that are prevalent in some forms of mental illness, and physical deformity.

There is a very high chance that if you go through some of your old posts that you are going to find new topic ideas with the inspiration that they give you, because new developments may have come about within the your industry that you can build upon. 

There is also a large chance that you have learnt more about the subject since you wrote the piece a year ago, and you may be able to offer even more insight into the topic you covered years ago.

Take them offline and Re-post them

If you wanted to be sneaky you could take your old blog posts offline and post them again today as a new blog post. Unless your readers have gone back and memorized every blog post that you ever wrote, then there is little chance of them finding out what you did.
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Why it is bad to take down old blog posts

It is actually a bad idea to take down your old blog posts. Your old blog posts may have links pointing towards them. If this is a case then you should really go back and check to see if any links are still pointing towards it with an online-backlinks-checking tool. If there are any links that are still pointing towards the old post then it is a good idea to leave it where it is.

Google may have indexed your old blog post a long time past. This could mean that your blog post is adding towards the fact that you have an old blog. Google especially likes older websites and although blogs, especially if they are updated frequently. By removing your old blog post, you may be inadvertently lowering the SEO value of your blog.
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Keep updating and commenting on your old posts

Refresh your old posts with more succinct points. There is nothing wrong with going back and updating some of you old blog posts. You could add more things to your old ones as you learn more about the subject at hand. You may also add things to your old blog posts that you have just written a new blog post about. As we age we all learn different things, and you can apply these lessons to your blog posts. 

Link your newer posts to your older posts

What is stopping you from linking your older blog posts to your newer blog posts? If you do this then you may be able to breathe a new breath of life into your older blog posts. They may receive relevant traffic to and from your old blog posts. If you link up your relevant posts then you may find that your users will bounce around your blog like a spin ball on a stick. This is handy if you still have affiliate adverts on your older posts.

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Written by Sonia Jackson from Oktutor

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  1. Thejas Kamath says:

    Great post Aditya!

    We must not forget about the old posts on our blog. I promote some of my old posts every day on Twitter or Facebook.

    Republishing the post by changing the time is also a good idea.

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    Nice Post…I liked it

  5. ambarish kumar says:

    I surely donot agree with taking down old posts. These are the posts which are indexed in search engine and the chances of getting search engine traffic is better… The older the content, the better it is. #my personal view.
    u can reach me to

  6. The article is really Good. Keep IT UP. @sonia…

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    Nice ideas to get benefits from old posts.

    Will try to execute soon.

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