How To Manage Blog Post During Exam?

How To Manage Blog Post During Exam?
Manage Blog Post During Exam

 Now days exam are going on and many bloggers don’t get time to write a post for their blog.

How you can write during exam

Many of my friends ask me this question. And I think this is most popular Question now days.

Here are some my tips which I am giving to you. I follow these steps to write during any exam time. Trust me If you Follow these tips you can also manage your blog easily. 

Which thing student hated as student?
EXAM!..     EXAM!…   

I don’t think managing blog during exam is impossible!

How To Manage Blog Post During Exam 

Make your Blog post in advance this will give benefit to you. During exam you can correct the Post and make some adjustment in post.
You can spend 1 to 2 hours daily for writing an article. I think this will not effect your result. 
I know you will not study 24 hr. during exam time.  And it is not a Big deal. 

Spend 30 min daily for choosing the title and proper heading and sub heading for the article.

If No Blogging Done Cause Your Site!!

If you stop posting article during exam it will cause your site. If there will no fresh content in your site, You will not get Traffic. If you don’t get Traffic your site will go down in Search Engine List.

Second cause will be it will increase your bounce rate of your site. And this is common problem in all blog during exam time.

How To Get Stunning Idea For Your Blog Post

I know it is difficult to use brain in exam time to write a great content for the site. My secret for writing Blog post is I always relate my Blog Post from my studies. Like in Business Studies there is Promotion method. I try to relate with my blog post It get easier for me to learn that subject. 

Some simple tips to write a content: 

1. Make a category of the Post. It will became easier to write blog post.
2.Read other blog and knowledge or idea for your Blog.
3.See video tutorial for more idea. And it will be faster than reading Part.
4. As i said above try to link your studies  with blog post.

Competition Become less During Exam

Many Blogger or Pro Blogger are became engaged with there studies. As they didn’t get time to write a blog post for there site. If you want to take advantages of this situation you can take it more. In my views you should do 5-6 post in a week. This will increase your Blog  rank and increase traffic. 

If You Still Can’t Do Then Take The Advantages Of Your Reader!!

Request your friends to write a guest post for there Blog. OR you can ask your reader to contribute in the site Content. This will be beneficial for Both, Reader and as well as You.

Few Tips how you can invite Reader to post quality Article.

1. Invite Through Facebook. Ask your friends personally to contribute in this site.
2. You can ask Blogger Friends.
3. Email To all your Reader Who have subscribe your site.
4. In Twitter you can tweet about it. 

 So Tell me how you are going to manage your site. And Please discuss with us. 


  1. shathyan raja says

    Very good Post. This will be very useful for bloggers like us. Everyone faces this problem and gets confused with it. Even I didn’t know what to do during my exams. I use to think we study to earn but now itself I’m earning through blogging, so why don’t I concentrate on blogging than exams.

    Anyway your post is nice. all bloggers should read this before their exam and thy should organise it in well proper way.

    • Aditya Singh says

      Writing during Exam Time is very difficult. As my exam is also going on I find difficulty to Write Blog Post.

      Thanks for the Comment @shathyan.

  2. Susan Harjehausen says

    You are right on with this post. My favorite tips are reading other articles about your topic and watching videos. It’s fast and you can get some great ideas. And most of all, write what is on your mind. If it’s your studies….go with it!

    • Aditya Singh says

      Yup! Sometimes I have to read more to write more in article. Through Reading Other Site Article I get Great Idea For writing Article .And Sometime I relate with my studies with my article.
      Thank You @Susan for the comment.

  3. Sandeep Kumar dan says

    Hi aditya ..
    Awesome post,We all know by blogging we can earn a decent money during our studies but it affects a lot our studies too.But at the time of exam days we cannot able to concentrate on blogging. Aditya you have discussed very good points. Thanks for sharing.
    Thank you
    Sandeep Kumar dan

    • Aditya Singh says

      Yup! Some blogger can’t concentrate on studies also because of making site. This schedule will help them.
      Thx For the comment. :)

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