Four Quick Post Ideas to Combat Writers Block

One of the biggest problems that bloggers come across is the inability to continually write content for their blogs. It’s one thing to have something to write about, but it’s another to be able to product content that actually matters and engages with your audience.

In this article we are going to feature four different ways for you to comes up with some useful blog post ideas for those times when you are fighting against writer’s block. Not only will these ideas be great for when you have nothing to write about, but they also might prove to be some of your most beneficial posts for your blog readers as well.

Recommended Tools

Everyone loves blog posts that are on cool tools and helpful hints. If you can’t think of any off of your head, just think about the different web sites and tools you are using on a daily basis that make your blogging tasks that much easier. Even if you think it’s something everyone knows about, there is a good chance some people don’t!
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Favorite Bloggers

Just like we all have our favorite tv shows and sports teams, many of us have our own favorite bloggers and sites as well. In addition to spreading your helpful hints on tools that you use everyday, why not write a post on your favorite blogs too? The world of blogging is a rewarding one, the more you share with your readers and help other sites grow… the more than comes back to you later on.

Blogging Trends and News

The world of blogging is rapidly changing every day, so what’s the latest news and headlines effecting your blogging niche right now? Where there are Google updates, guest blogging news or other bloggers in your space making headlines. Sharing news, awareness and your opinion on industry events is always a great idea. Not sure what’s going on? Check out and do a search for “blogging”, or visit Google News.
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Stats and Case Studies

Everyone loves to learn about everyone else’s blog and their stats. It doesn’t matter how big or small your numbers are, they are still interesting. For many blogs, their monthly update on your search rankings, traffic and revenue are their most read posts. Think about the benefits you might receive from compiling monthly reports and sharing them with your audience.

As you can see, there is always going to be something interesting for you to write about, it’s just a matter of bringing the information together and sharing it with your audience. Also don’t be afraid to write up smaller posts where you ask your audience a question… as these might result in some of your most engaging posts!

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  1. Benny Mathur says

    Nice Article you told about case studies that is on of the most read blog by people they like to read review and other stuff.

    Keep it up

  2. HaaPpy Singh says

    Thanks mate this post really helps us in the Quick post ideas.This Post might be really helpful for Newbie Blogger’s and as well as Other Blogger’s too Loved to See You again & Heartly Thanks to the Writer @Zac….. :)

  3. vishal soni says

    Great post again. Your blog is rocking on these days.
    And a great post from ZacJohnson- The blogging Guru. Writer’s block is like the dark area in every blogger’s life but we have to overcome them. Thanks for this great post.

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