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Facebook and SEO: how to bring together

Facebook and SEO
What is SEO? It stands for SEO (Search Engine Optimization), and it is all about making Google rank you higher in the search engine results pages. If you make your website more search engine friendly, then Google looks upon your website more favorably and starts to rise you up through the other website links on the results pages.

It is in your favor to have good SEO on your website because it means there is more chance of you rising through the results, which raises the chances of people clicking on you. Most people do not even get past the first page of Google, and many do get past the second as they simply type in a new search query and start again. That is why it is a good idea to get near the top on the first page if Google for your chosen subjects.

How is Facebook involved with SEO?

Google announced that social media is now an affecter when it comes to SEO. This happened (coincidentally) when their Google+ social media network became popular all of a sudden. They now say that social media has an effect on the SEO of a website, so it is a good idea to get some sort of integration into your website as soon as possible. This means integrating both your social media profiles to your website and back again.

Adding a Facebook comment section

This can be done quite simply, as the code for it is all over the Internet. All you have to do is add the code and then a person may leave a comment on your blog or your website if they sign it with Facebook first.

There is also a default option where it will post their comment straight to Facebook if it is not unchecked. This is good for sneaking a little bit of extra publicity about your website onto Facebook without people noticing that they are doing it. The comment section is quite common, and there are even versions that allow you to sign in with Google+ or your email account, etc.

Adding a Facebook thumbs up symbol

There are a lot of websites that have the Facebook thumbs ups symbol or the plus symbol. It is a way of showing that you like something. You just sign into your Facebook account and lick it to “like” what you see. This may also register on Facebook. Many people have the logo showing their Facebook “like” scores on their website to show how popular their website really is.

Talking about your website on your Facebook profile

This is a pretty easy way of bringing together your Facebook social media and your website. It is easy and everybody does it. You should not do it too much on your Facebook profile because you may bore your friends who will then un-friend you, but a casual mention every now and again will help you to keep the buzz around your business up.

Creating a Facebook fan page

The fan page it the perfect place to write about your website. You can set it up so that it links to your website, and you can keep adding promotional posts onto it so that people visit your website all the time (if your Facebook posts are good). The Facebook fan page was created for this job, so you should make the most of it whilst you can and post away. People expect you to post on it a lot, but try to keep some of your posts interesting and not make it all about promoting your website all the time.

Creating a buzz around your website

This is just something that Facebook is able to do. If you are able to generate a little bit of publicity for your website on Facebook, then do it and do it as much as you can. Just be wary of boring people.

Posting regularly on Facebook

You do not have to post regularly. It is not a rule, but it is a good way of bringing Facebook and your website together. It may also encourage people to visit your social media profile more often. They may do this if your posts are interesting, funny, exciting, etc. If you can get them to keep visiting then you increase your chances of getting them to come over to your website. Making sure your Facebook fan page has its correct bio and link so that people can reach you through that as well as your Facebook fan page posts.

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