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Difference Between A Blog And A Website

 I  write, article and I make my friends read them, and some of them ask me that what is the difference between a blog and a website. I take a pause and reply that a blog is a kind of website.

People reading this, I am not wrong if I say that a blog is kind of a website. A blog and a website have certain differences. But they do have similarities too that makes most of us confused about their identity.

a blog and a website

I make sure that your concept of a blog and a website will be clear after a read below.Let us first have a look at the similarities.

  • You type a web address or URL for a website as well as a blog.
  • They both possess a host to keep the information online.
  • A blog and a website both can be run and maintained by an individual and a company, anyone.
  • Both of them comprise of information, pictures, keywords, etc.

You all have encountered these similarities and that is why want to know those potential differences between a blog and a website. So here they are. Have a look:

  • A website ensures a formal representation of an organization, institution, online for customers, readers, etc. The other side is a blog which keeps you updated with an issue, a topic, a product. It keeps a track of daily updates of such categories. A blog when you open has a list of all the recent updates by its writers. There is no home page of a blog as such, while a website contains a formal home page.
  •  A website requires computer language coding to establish, whereas a blog does not require this condition. Each one of us can have a blog of our own.
  • It is not that a blog is better than a website. It is just that they both have their own set if purpose and advantages aimed at different targets, and this is why differ, in the way of creation, presentation and maintenance.
  • You do not see advertisements on websites. It is the matter with the blog that a lot of advertisements are flashed and clicked to earn.
  • In a blog, a writer gets individual recognition of his contribution. If he or she has written an article then as a writer his or her name will be published online. While in a website, the writers are not credited online.
  • A blog is not so formal interface. It provides you interaction with writers, company, an individual. Whereas in a website, it is not so. There you get to see a perfect exhibit of how the organization works, and their services. A blog regularly updates you with new offers, new schemes one has to offer for mutual benefit.
  • A website is not daily updated, because it just the data of the company which will not change on daily basis. For daily updates, people refer to blogs.
  • A website is a little tedious to maintain, with all those technical skills.This is not the case with a blog.
  • A blog seems to more like a newspaper, which has information on multitude of topics, and is daily updated. An online or a digital magazine in other words.
  • A blog ensures uses of media and gratification of the user. A website ensures delivering the correct data and informational text about a particular individual, product, company, etc.

So, we saw that a blog is easy to get started from an individual to an organization. Both of them have specific defined purposes with which they are created and made live to you.

Now, do you agree that a blog is a kind of website only.

by Dhisharika Sachdeva

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  1. Dhisharika,

    I agree. Blogs are fluid. Websites more static.

    Start blogging, add the website thingee later I saw to create content at a quicker clip. Publish posts, establish your authority and add your site gradually as you brand yourself through blogging.

    Thanks for sharing Dhisharika!

    1. You are absolutely true, we can brand ourself through blogging and website is more better as they are static.
      Thank you Ryan. Keep visiting.

  2. Hi Dhisharika ,
    You article will be beneficial to the newbie bloggers, thanks for sharing.

    Mahesh recently posted…Top 5 Free Proxy Sites For Facebook UnblockMy Profile

    1. Thanks for the comment Mahesh. Keep commenting.

  3. Really Your article is awesome and make easy to understand. It is always a best option to integrate a blog within a website.
    Dk Patel recently posted…Why do Hindus worship a coconut and offer it to a deity ?My Profile

    1. Thank you for such nice inputs. It is always good to hear from readers.

  4. Hi,
    Great Post, I’m impressed by your post. The way you have written the article is extremely remarkable. You article is really going to help a new blogger who don’t know about the site and website. You are Going To Be One of the BEST WRITER I have ever seen. Thanks for opening this site and writing a great article.

    1. I am glad that you liked the article. I will try my best to make this site a successful one. Keep visiting.

  5. Hi Dhisharika, from a technical standpoint it is hard to compare an orange to an apple. Both are fruit but have entirely different attributes. A blog has to sit on a database, a website can exist as a series of links to a series of .html files if you wanted to go old school. A blog can be a part of a website but generally in reverse a blog is already a “website” as it needs a domain name to sit on. The definition comes from the purpose that you go to the location for. If you are going there to buy something its a website. If you are going there to be informed its a blog.
    Jackson Davies recently posted…Organising that newsletterMy Profile


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