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Gift & Curse: Year 2014 to Content Marketing

Everyone is edging to answer the question: “What’s next for content marketing?

Is the year 2014 going to be about the continuing shedding off of web spammers?  Like an earthquake, Google’s Penguin update remains to cause aftershocks.  Down go the sites whose investment in content had been poor.  And the threat for those who were faithful to delivering real content persists.

In sum, every site and virtual entity had been shaken.  There had been casualties.  While those with sturdy long-tail keywords remain.  Surely, this fall amongst sites will drop and webmasters will start to opt for sustainable answers.

And this is the heart of the prospects – 2014’s gift and curse for content marketers.                                       

The Gift: Google’s Penguin blast

It’s quite ironic to implicate the Penguin update and subsequent refresh as a gift.  It had caused nightmares among webmasters and companies alike.  Dropping search rankings are devastating, particularly, for firms that rely in this key feature for their marketing, operations, and sales.

But still, without batting an eyelash, it’s a gift.  A big number of sites, or content marketers, SEOs and such-names needed this wake-up call… badly.  And nothing before it had been more fatal than the Penguin update.  Under parental perspective, the Penguin blast had been a form of tough love.

And where should this kind of love bring today’s content marketers or tomorrow’s?  Close to home – specifically, to whom all these sophisticated search engine and content marketing is for, the customers, the clients, the market.

Yes, this market makes for the ‘market’ in content marketing.  Surely, everyone knew this (they just veer and forgot). 

To find their way back to the top search engines result, and ultimately, to customers, content marketers need to invest more in content quality.  By quality, we mean to implicate making the content rich and thick – just how web browsers (ie, another name for customers) like it.

Furthermore, content marketers will find a fighting chance to recuperate with long-tail keywords.          

The Curse: Social Media bite

The year 2014 is forecasted to be a bloodbath – in the venerable name of visibility.  Those who’re still in their toes after the Penguin blast are already at a stable footing.  All that’s required of them is to seal their victory by keeping themselves seen, heard, and experienced in the social media stream.

Those who suffered a great fall can find significant aid in social media.  Some specialists are honing on the necessity of paid advertising; others are diligently on the seat of continuously making scenes within relevant social media platforms.

Yet, these sites and content marketer’s best bet lies on less congested platforms (ahem, Google+).  Interestingly, starting with a growing social media platform and leaving all the black-hatting techniques behind serves to show the proverbial turning of a new leaf. 

This year is indubitably the content marketer’s second chance.  Why not grab it and watch your desired traffic and rankings grow, slowly but surely?    

 The Author: Aaron Barnett is a recovering Black Hat. Using better bricks to build back his crumbled online empire, Aaron’s confidence rests in some of his successful ventures, like providing student assistance and quality custom essays

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