Complete Blog Introduction for Beginners

Introduction for Beginners
What Is BLOG?

Blog is basically an information. It can be in relevance to any thing ,for example,a product,a new technology,a review of album or a movie,or any issue going around. Blog carries your view for a particular issue in consideration or it can be just a user guide for the new product in market.
As an example look at any brochure,say of a university,all it contains are blogs. A blog can have one or multiple authors.It can be done online or offline as per author’s convenience.

Blogging,is a process,as you move forward you learn about its softwares,its tools,the basic terminologies.All that is mentioned should be kept in mind to improve content quality of your blog.The uniqueneness in your writing and keeping in mind every small thing a reader needs to know and of course your presentation can help a lot many readers and gets you more viewers as well.

What Catches Attention?

The TITLE of your blog catches the first sight of the viewer.The shorter,the better. But informing enough of what they can get in the body of the blog. It should read like as if the reader needs to know what you have got to tell them. I am telling you my experience. And yes it should be original and the target audience is the most important thing to be taken care of, in your blog.

Use For Students

As a student,it is more of a learning experience.You tend to improve your skills and makes you a professional and ultimately,your professional experience  boosts up your CV. For students interested in writing,there is no better work than this to start with.Some websites and companies pay you for writing for them,gets you earning.Its a give and take procedure. For students in journalism,mass communication,marketing,there is a lot of work in writing online.

What Should be Your Issue

The issue or topic of your discussion can be anything that serves to the needs of the  readers.You can write about a social issue,contribute by giving suggestions,putting forward a matter that needs to be discussed in our society.It can be related to a product(as i have mentioned earlier),reviews on the product,guidance to use it,or it can be just information about college or anything.

The information that you deliver reaches a certain set of audience who needs it,so it should be useful to them,to take their time out and read it.


The Blog Softwares are better known as Blogwares,Blogging softwares,and Weblog Softwares.

There are certain software for writing blogs that are meant to guide the writer and clearing all doubts. Softwares such as , WordPress ,Blogsmith, Crowd Fusion, Drupal, TypePad,Squarespace,Live Journal,Tumblr. These are also called BLOGGING PLATFORMS.

There are certain free platforms for bloggers: WordPress,Movable Type,Blogger,Tumblr.


There are two types of tools on the basis of cost,one is Low cost tools and the other is Free tools. If one has software such as wordpree,Drupal,that is,Content Management Systems(CMS), then there is no need of anything else.But if you want to test first and then get something more technical and advanced then free tools are the ones that you are looking for.The tool should help you use branding of your organisation,design scheme,gives you ease to add a custom URL or address.

Why Prefer CMS?

Content Management  Systems(CMS) are most opted for because having them reduces need for any other tool for your valued blog.Along with this, it gives you freedom to stand for  your blog on your website. and saves you from the mess of  operating two separate locations.

Another attractive use is that it offers other authors to write and post on your website.This feature helps you get more information from different sources,makes content management a team work,and of course the variety in writers gives variety in type of blogs the website will contain.


Originality,uniqueness are the very own qualities a writer has. There copy and paste work is not an effort to learn or gain experience. Make your blogs your mark of identity in writing,because this is what makes a reader pay attention to you.

If you are writing for someone else’s website,so your copy and paste effort is in trouble because all your posted content is checked by various softwares,which clearly marks the authentic and the copied content.





  1. Krishna says

    This Article is really a Awesome. It is a complete Guide for beginners. The writing style is really awesome, the way you have presented it is awesome. The explanation of CMS is also good :D Overall @Dhisharika you have done wonderful Job. Hoping you will post article soon.
    Krishna recently posted…Why do Bloggers Fail in Blogging Universe?My Profile

  2. Ajay Surya says

    Yeah ! Really Blogging Is To Know For Nowadays Citizens. Instead Of Going To Engineering and Working Under Someone, But still working under good blogger is a good thing. The article is really awesome. Keep it Up!!

    Will Surely Help Out Newbies…Thanks for writing this awesome article.

  3. Deep Sinha says

    Blogging has become very popular now days everybody wants to make a blog but they don’t have any idea that where to start from but now this article will help the newbies a lot. Thanks for sharing such an awesome article.
    Deep Sinha recently posted…Customize Your Blogger Template in Simple StepsMy Profile

  4. Piyush says

    I personally prefer Blogger and WordPress platforms. Both are easy to customize and SEO can be easily implemented. Your article is related to blog. You have giving a complete guide that is really awesome. Keep it Up..
    Thanks for sharing such a nice article.
    Piyush recently posted…HOW TO BYPASS OR SKIP, & Linkbucks LinksMy Profile

  5. Rizwan Shajahan says

    CMS is a lot easier than setting up your own website !
    Its lot easy to post articles and edit it anytime easily !
    But, It can delete your website anytime if you are using Blogger
    So,its better to use WordPress and it has a lot of Plugins that increase our Search engine optimization !
    So Far,your articles are very nice and easy to read !

    Rizwan Shajahan recently posted…$10 Paypal Cash + Sidebar Banner For 1 Month GiveawayMy Profile

  6. Benny Mathur says

    Nice and well written article. For a Newbie its very important to understand the above things you have mentioned.

  7. Shailesh says

    Good Post..I liked this article. Your blog introduction for beginners is very awesome and informative. specially you have mentioned all things in proper way which there reader can pay attention on every aspects to be needs for a new blog.

    Thanks for sharing this valuable info.
    Shailesh recently posted…Why do Bloggers Fail in Blogging Universe?My Profile

  8. Hari vignesh says

    Really an awesome post bro it’s got great attention towards you ! :D
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  9. Adesanmi Adedotun says

    Hi Sachdeva,

    I am landing on your blog for the very first time, and I am amazed about what I came across here on your blog. The facts remain you have said it all about starting a blog for beginners. Thumb up!
    Adesanmi Adedotun recently posted…Blogging is full of negative experienceMy Profile

  10. Shibani Kitchen says

    Thank you for such an excellent post about the blogger for the beginners. It was described information, techniques, tools, cms (Content Management Systems), originality (unique article/quality writing) very easily. Hope you will post this type article very soon.
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  11. Builders in Chennai says

    ofcourse, blogger is very useful for beginners rather than cms. blogging is easily understandable one in my front of view

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