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How To Choose Best Free Web Host?

Free Web Host is our today’s topic every web-master or blogger use a free web host in their past, as you know free web host is not good if you are a serious blogger. Free web host has so many restrictions, if you want all features pay for premium plans otherwise use limited web host. Why I don’t recommend free web hosting to anyone the detail guide is below read it carefully and choose the right web host for your website. Free Web Host First, the website is just like our home we always live better place where good neighbors behind us, so same is with your website. When you are starting a new website, we choose shared web hosting which means we are  sharing a server with so many websites. Suppose you are using a free web host, definitely spammers are on their server and you are sharing your site with them. Google will ban any site on the same server which may affect your website rank also. So, why taking a risk you are doing hard work to make your blog popular or writing content best is to start a website with premium web host. But I know some of new bloggers don’t have the budget to use paid web hosting, in such case you can go with free web hosting. Before using a free web host I have made checklist you can follow to get good free web host for your blog or website.

1. Webspace and Bandwidth

The first thing you check any web hosting plans is it’s free or paid is webspace & bandwidth. Most of the free web host company is providing unlimited webspace and above 10GB Bandwidth every month. If any free web host providing such service I say yes you can go with those free web hosts. If you are a blogger and just started your blog with WordPress, 10 GB webspace and 10Gb bandwidth is ok for your blog. Once your bandwidth limit exceeded your site goes down for some hours or days this is not a good sign of a good web hosting.

2. PHP Mail Function

Check the mail function before using any free web host it is very useful, suppose you started a forum using free SMF script where automated mail sent when new user join the forum. Mostly free web host doesn’t allow the PHP mail function feature.

3. XML Pinging Service

Pinging service is important to tell search engines new content is posted on your website. If free web host doesn’t allow ping service so your website take  much time to get indexed in Google or other search engine. WordPress is using XML-PRC pinging service by default which is helping to index blog post immediately in Google.

4. Reviews

Most reviews are vital while using any product or service, if users are already trying the free web host they posted their good or bad reviews which help you to choose a web host easily. As per my experience you can use blogger free service which is better than host your blog with a free host. I never recommend a free web host, my recommended web hosting are Hostgator and Bluehost. If you face problems to choose web hosting post your question below.

About: Kanika loves blogging and she always has something to write about. She works at hostgator coupon code

by kanika

Kanika loves blogging and she always has something to write about. She works at product and reviews

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  1. Nice post! I think there are several hosting providers who are offering hosting package in low price rather than going for free web hosts we may choose the cheapest ones.

    However for newbies they can go for free web host only after checking these essential points.

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