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Some Basic SEO & SMO Tips for Your Site Development

When you have a website, it is important that you do have critical information describing it so that it can be picked up by search engines and can be displayed in people’s browsers.

Here are some good SEO and SMO Tips to develop your site.

Your website should have relevant information given that shows what it is meant for. If your website doesn’t have relevant information given about them, search engines can’t pick them up and display your website when your type of website is searched for.

  • Keywords should be Right

Essential and good keywords that are related to your website needs to be given. Wrong keywords will not help with people having quality search results and finding you.

  • Flash Content could be used:

Use a little flash content as it makes your website look better and that will help you in making your website look better. But overuse of flash content can result in slowing down your website and that reduces the chances of you being found on a search engine due to the slow pace of your site.

  • Have Unique Content:

Make sure the content of your website is unique and fresh. Be creative with the data you have on your website. Make sure you don’t copy data from any other website as it will give users duplicate data when the use the search engine looking for you and may create problems for you in the future.

  • Use a bit of Directory Submissions

Use directories on the internet so that you are listed and you will be found more often than less. But don’t register on too many directories as it results in making your website look like spam and that will not be good as you won’t be found on search engines

  • Constant updating of Data:

You need to make sure the data that you have on the website is updated constantly. Make sure you have new stuff happening and you have that showing on your webpage making it more relevant for people to look for you

  • Check your Website for Views:

Keep checking how many visitors you have on your website so that you will have a clear idea as to how you can increase them if they are less.

About Me:

Linda Swan is a blogger and a writer from UK (LONDON) having interest in writing technology related topics. She is a gadget geek tries to maintain resistivity in tech knowledge. She prefers sky contact to clear her doubts on technology.


Best SEO Tactics to Follow as Blogger

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is important because it is how people find your site in search engines. SEO brings huge amount of visitors to your blog and if done the right way it will boost your presence online. The key is to remember that search engines want the content to be fantastic for users. So when thinking about SEO, keep in mind your potential readers and how they might search for the relevant topic. Here are some tactics to make your blog search engine friendly.

Title Your Post Properly

Without a good title nobody will be interested to even open your post. You have to think about what people would search for in google if looking for an article about the topic. You have to make the title as interesting as possible and should have the keywords in the tile.

Content Matters

Your content needs to be of superb quality. Make sure that content is unique and highly valuable, which will entice people into your blog. Also, constantly updating content will help to build keyword-rich and relevant content, which will invariably generate more traffic to your blog.

Specific Keyword

When you write content make sure to keep your potential readers in mind, think about what they will search for in web. Make sure that your article has specific keyword. Do remember that having keywords in article doesn’t mean you stuff your site with number of keywords or overuse keywords. Rather focus on obtaining few strong keywords.

Build Links

Links are like doorways to more content. Link back to your past content in your new post on related topics. This will keep people engaged with your blog. Make it easy for them to navigate around your blog. Get others to link to you. It’s helpful when others with strong traffic link to you. Doing so will also show that people and organizations trust and value your content enough to link to it.

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When you add photos to your content, think about making it search friendly. Most search engines, especially google, index images separately. Name the image file appropriately and write a good caption as this helps users to put your image in context and also enhance your SEO.

Clear Up Regularly

While good content and links make going through your site easy, it can also not have good flow if site is full of random images and full of clutter. This will make navigation difficult. Regularly remove any old links, images and make your site more about the good content.

Interact And Build Relationships

Comment on blogs frequently, participate in meaningful discussions, and interact with other bloggers and readers. This will have a positive effect and will be useful for establishing credibility and authority.

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Follow People

Follow relevant people/ business. Following the right people will give instant visibility and also you will get followed back. Interacting with them will drive inbound links, credibility and referral traffic.

Find Content to Share

If you are just starting with your blog then you might not have enough content from your own blog to share. That’s why, collect interesting links to useful, relevant information on a regular basis and share. Searching for such relevant information also helps to build up content to write for own blog.

Go Social And Get Great Visibility

There are a number of social channels where you can share your links. Select good content from your blog and share it across various social profiles and microblogging services like Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Follow these SEO tactics and apply them well to your blog. Also remember that there is no quick and easy way to get more traffic to your blog. It’s a constant work. If you continue to market your site well, you will definitely see your work pay off.

Easy SEO Tips for Bloggers

SEO Tips
SEO has changed a lot for the past few years. Gone are the days of just few backlinks and you have your content on top. Today there is much to ranking than just backlinks. And if you are just a blogger for hobby without any upfront money to market your blog, you are going to be lost amongst big players. However, you do not have to worry about if you follow all the below given ideas.

Focus on QDF:

The one thing that I tell my other friends within the blogging industry is to focus on QDF. If you do not have traffic, this system is easy to gain them. QDF stands for Query Deserves Freshness. And if you are focusing on it then Google will somehow start showing your content more on SERPs as it is a signal of freshness which is loved by Google.

In this process just posting a single content a day is not going to do any good. You need to be posting at least 3 blog post spread over the day. Length doesn’t matter but I would say that lengthier are better. Continue this for two months and you will see your traffic skyrocketing.

One of my blog which deals with hcg drops for weight loss is constantly updated with two posts per day.

Brand Yourself:

Above, we discussed about gaining traffic. The next thing to learn is that your traffic should be able to consider your site or you as a brand. This will help them to further spread the word or get back to your site.

Branding is a big subject itself. However, I will give an idea on how to do it easily. Do not go for EMD keyword sites. If you want to go for EMD then go for partial EMD and try including keywords that will help you in branding. Consider this site for example. It is a blogging site but has the word ‘guru’ as suffix. People will remember the word with ease which definitely helps to stand out as a brand.

Build an Email List:

Frankly when I started online marketing several people told me that email list is the core of marketing. I never cared about it until I saw an ROI of 100% with email marketing. I know many of you might think that you need upfront money and great graphics to start off with email list building. That is a complete lie. There are several WordPress plugin that will catch a list easily. There is attention grabber which will catch the list but you have to integrate it with MailChimp which is also free.

Don’t care about keywords:

This is pretty bold statement that I have made but true. Let Google worry about what keyword is perfect for your post. All you have to do is concentrate on problem solving. Too much caring about the keyword will ruin your blog post. I am not saying that keyword targeting is useless. It is very powerful but not worth your time. Think about solving problems and you have got your keyword already.  Example for this is my site dealing with ppp which is not targeted toward keyword. The name was purchased after reading Yahoo Answers and fortunately the domain name turned to have an exact match search of 500. That was pure co incidence.