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Web Content Copyright Law

Web content copyright law is a rather broad and complex issue but I will try to explain where we stand in the whole ordeal as simple as humanly possible (or at least I will be using English, which is more than what I can say about some of the texts I’ve read on the matter online , what with their terminology and seamless usage of an enigmatic combination between Klingon and something I can only describe as pure and unmitigated nonsense).

Anyway, my point is I’m not going to use fancy terms and hard-to-understand language. I will tell you how I understand the whole situation with copyright law at the moment and why there might be trouble. Keep in mind that this is not a constant state of affairs. There is a perpetual and inexorable evolution and everything is changing rather fast. So without further a due, let’s delve in the matter and see what’s going on.

What is a copyrighted material?

A copyrighted material on the Internet is everything that has been published. Basically, everything on the Internet is copyrighted, which means that you, as its creator, should be the only one benefiting from it any way shape or form and if other people want to use it, they have to give you the credit. Let’s take my text for example right now. Even if I don’t publish it under the copyright symbol, it’s still protected.

I’m its creator and if you want to use it, you can do so but I’m the one who wrote it first so I should be credited as the creator. You can’t just copy my text as your own and you shouldn’t let other do so unless that’s explicitly what you want to do. If your whole idea is to create something that is free to share and roam the web and you don’t want to be credited, then that’s fine, but if that’s not the case you can actually tell people to credit you or get their content down.

Why is this a problem?

Problem If you’re a blogger or run a website, then you’d know why this is a major issue. To most people it seems like creating a text is a simple enough process, but it’s actually far more complex than it looks and it involves spending a lot of time and energy. Let’s give another example to illustrate the problem here. Let’s say you run a blog. You’re a young blogger, you write well and you’re rather creative but blogging is more of a hobby to you than something you make money from. I, however, am a successful blogger and my blog can be found on the first page of Google for a certain keyword.

By sheer coincidence, I see some of your content and like it so (forgetting all about any professional pride or common courtesy) I copy some of your materials and paste them as my own. Since my blog is older and hence more successful (this is not always the case, of course, but let’s say in this case it is for the sake of argument), it would look like I’m the creator of the content and even Google will probably be fooled, making it even more difficult for you to rise, because guess what – you’re the plagiarist, not me! Do you see now why this is serious?

Lucky for you, like I said you are protected because you were the one who posted it first, but since we don’t live in a perfect world, you will actually have to do something about it in order to protect your content. But the good news is you have the right to protect your work.

About Author: Rose Finchley loves to write about Internet and web design. She currently works in the support team of and has a lot of knowledge to share with her readers.

What is More Sexy Quality Or Quantity Content ?

Quality Or Quantity Content It’s been a very big question for every blogger and till now there is no correct explanation for what should a blogger really focus on should it be the quality of the article or the quantity of the words in the article.

This problem or we can say situation has been created, it was not into light until the idea of Guest Blogging came into existence. This is also because of many Advertisement sites which require a large number of texts on the site in order to approve it for earning process.

This makes a blogger write and write lots of words to get approved by the site. Soon people started writing long articles but lost the authenticity and the importance of the article for the readers.

Tell me if I am wrong but Google Search also have a policy that any article less than 500 words is a waste on the internet. This also made people write more and more words into the article.


I have read many blogs till now and found that many of them are just a big bunch collection of words with no meaning. People write long articles for the sake of Google Search engine. I don’t believe in that, write for people and Google will respect your work anyhow.

Many bloggers think that copy paste will get their blog up and running but they are mistaken, the more you copy paste the more danger will come knocking on your door. So stay away from copy paste stuff.


What I have learnt is, the quantity of the article does not matter any long. Your language and choice of words can make you a sensible and a not so sensible writer. A simplified text with fewer words gets more attention with the convenience of readers with less time.

Another thing that makes your article gain popularity is its Authenticity. The more authentic and original you are, more your readers will trust you for getting more information. People now a day’s want short but full of information article which can get them the exact answer what they want to know.

Have a balance of Quantity and Quality

With Quality comes Quantity. The more you practice the better you are. Write your article in a manner like you are explaining each and every thing relating to your article title.

Just filling your article with a bunch of words will not get you good readers and good earnings from your blog. Try to be true to your readers. Making them feel good will get you good rank as well as good amount of traffic and money for and from your blog. Make writing a learning experience for yourself.


Some time its important to just write to the point and leave the rest for the world. Doing so will gain trust of your readers and will help you all way to the top of your blogging career. Never write anything not true , or selfish or anything like that can hurt once religion , cast etc. Be true and you will be successful.

Why To Comments Without Sake Of Backlinks?

blog-commenting-benefitsBacklinks – The most important thing in SEO.Whenever we thought about increasing blog ranking and popularity, the first thing comes in our mind is Backlinks.

Why Backlinks Are So Important?

A backlink is only a single thing that flow traffic and link juice to our web pages. And every blogger wants it. Right?

How to create backlinks?

There are lots of ethical and unethical ways to build backlinks for our blog like blog commenting, guest posting, social bookmarking, directory submission etc. But blog commenting is always a best and safest way to build quality backlinks for our blog.

If you are a beginner or not have too much knowledge about building links from commenting, then I recommend you to use CommentLuv and KeywordLuv enabled blogs for your links need.

Yesterday, one of my friend ask me that why he should waste his time to put comments on those sites which are not using CommentLuv and KeywordLuv commenting systems like blogger’s default commenting system?

His question gives me a solid idea to write this post and I’m now giving you best reasons why we should leave comments without sake of backlinks.

Let’s take an example of bloggers default commenting system:
If you are a regular reader of a blog, then spend few minutes more to leave a valuable comment there which gives you genuine benefits as mentioned below:

    • If you leave comments on daily basis, then your name will make a solid place in blog owner’s mind.
    • You can make unbreakable relations with influential bloggers and ask for any help in your own blogging.
    • Their blog readers also stuck with your name and you’ll become popular on every blog under your niche.
    • Blogger’s commenting system automatically linked commentators name to their Google+ profile, if you are sharing your blog links in your profile then you can gain extra traffic from your profile viewers.
    • In that way you can easily redirect other blog readers to your own blog hence really targeted and valuable traffic will flow around your blog.
    • You can easily increase your blog comments and those comments will definitely be clean with spam links.
    • Targeted traffic helps us to reduce blog bounce rate and increase visit time on our blog. You can easily get high Alexa ranking with quality traffic.
    • Advertisers always look for high quality traffic blog which have impressive Alexa ranking, hence higher chances to attract advertisers to your blog.


  • Maximum number of advertisers means maximum profit from your blog.

These are some common benefits of blog commenting except backlinks.

So, never think commenting on blogger blogs is waste on time. Do effective commenting and be a successful bloggers.


    • Whenever you put comment on any blog, make sure not to add links in comment body. It’ll annoy the blog owner and your comment will be deleted after moderation.
    • Adding links in comment section is also not good for penguin penalty. So, take care of it and try to ignore it.
  • If you need backlinks, go to CommentLuv and KeywordLuv enabled blogs and build genuine backlinks from there by leaving valuable comments that must add value to the comments.


So friends, this was the little guide on benefits of commenting on blogger blogs. If you think that this guide is something worth reading for you, then please share it with your social media friends and starting utilizing blog commenting today. ;)

Best SEO Tactics to Follow as Blogger

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is important because it is how people find your site in search engines. SEO brings huge amount of visitors to your blog and if done the right way it will boost your presence online. The key is to remember that search engines want the content to be fantastic for users. So when thinking about SEO, keep in mind your potential readers and how they might search for the relevant topic. Here are some tactics to make your blog search engine friendly.

Title Your Post Properly

Without a good title nobody will be interested to even open your post. You have to think about what people would search for in google if looking for an article about the topic. You have to make the title as interesting as possible and should have the keywords in the tile.

Content Matters

Your content needs to be of superb quality. Make sure that content is unique and highly valuable, which will entice people into your blog. Also, constantly updating content will help to build keyword-rich and relevant content, which will invariably generate more traffic to your blog.

Specific Keyword

When you write content make sure to keep your potential readers in mind, think about what they will search for in web. Make sure that your article has specific keyword. Do remember that having keywords in article doesn’t mean you stuff your site with number of keywords or overuse keywords. Rather focus on obtaining few strong keywords.

Build Links

Links are like doorways to more content. Link back to your past content in your new post on related topics. This will keep people engaged with your blog. Make it easy for them to navigate around your blog. Get others to link to you. It’s helpful when others with strong traffic link to you. Doing so will also show that people and organizations trust and value your content enough to link to it.

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When you add photos to your content, think about making it search friendly. Most search engines, especially google, index images separately. Name the image file appropriately and write a good caption as this helps users to put your image in context and also enhance your SEO.

Clear Up Regularly

While good content and links make going through your site easy, it can also not have good flow if site is full of random images and full of clutter. This will make navigation difficult. Regularly remove any old links, images and make your site more about the good content.

Interact And Build Relationships

Comment on blogs frequently, participate in meaningful discussions, and interact with other bloggers and readers. This will have a positive effect and will be useful for establishing credibility and authority.

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Follow People

Follow relevant people/ business. Following the right people will give instant visibility and also you will get followed back. Interacting with them will drive inbound links, credibility and referral traffic.

Find Content to Share

If you are just starting with your blog then you might not have enough content from your own blog to share. That’s why, collect interesting links to useful, relevant information on a regular basis and share. Searching for such relevant information also helps to build up content to write for own blog.

Go Social And Get Great Visibility

There are a number of social channels where you can share your links. Select good content from your blog and share it across various social profiles and microblogging services like Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Follow these SEO tactics and apply them well to your blog. Also remember that there is no quick and easy way to get more traffic to your blog. It’s a constant work. If you continue to market your site well, you will definitely see your work pay off.

What Are The Challenges In Blogging?

challenges In Blogging
Every Other Person  is doing blogging, and every other blogger  is excited for getting their first article published.You might be little nervous also about  what views will come to your post. There are significant challenges in blogging that most of the  bloggers face. If you are going to remain in blogging field for the long run, you might face these challenges. How to handle the problem is the most important thing. Challenges are made to face, not to run away from it.

Challenges In Blogging And How to Overcome Them:

# Choosing on a Niche

Choosing the right niche is the most difficult thing as well as the most challenging task in Blogging . Most of the blogger choose the wrong niche, and after few days they leave the blogging. Why they choose that particular niche which they don’t like, because they want to earn money. So chose a niche you are passionate about or you know the thing about topic. Choosing multiple subjects can attract more audience to your site. So focus on your writing skill and attract the visitor. Blogging is not all about money but is all about what you love to do. If you choose the correct niche then you are going to love blogging and challenges can be faced easily.

# Coming up with Quality Content always

Content is the king of the site. Almost every Blogger faces this challenge in their blogging career. If quality of the article is good then it can bring the audience back to your site daily. If you don’t know the how to makeit  better then just read it, suppose there are two bloggers who are writing article on the same topic, but one writer writes a better article than other writer. So it not necessary that which topic you choose, it’s all about how you write the article , how you present the article to your audience.

Napoleon Hil Author Said That  : If you cannot do great things, do small things in a great way.

I am going to tell you the way to make the best quality content, for that you have to select the topic and collect the information, do some research on that topic properly before writing, read all the content which you have collected over the internet and people’s views on that topic. Then write the content in your own style and see the response from reader’s side.

# Making money With Your Blog

All people come in blogging because they want to earn money, but making money with blogging is not an easy task. If you want to make money with your own blog then you have to lot of hard work, you have to maintain high quality article plus the huge traffic. If you don’t have these two qualities then it is for sure that you will not earn. There are no schemes to make quick money, for making money online you need skill, patience and friends. The reason may be why you are not earning is you might be too lazy to write new article, your blog loading time is bad that why no one comes to your blog. If you are not making money till now, first find what is the problem , analyse the problem and then find out the solution for that, you can take the help of other bloggers also. Don’t lose hope and keep blogging.

# Traffic To Your Blog

This is the most challenging task in blogging.  We can say this traffic is a life line of every blog. Always try to engage your audience with your new post. If you are not getting enough traffic or nobody is reading your blog then you have failed in blogging. For earning money also you need a huge traffic. You might have seen many site where the different method are given to generate high traffic. You think it works?  No. Try to be different from other bloggers, try new things in your blog. If one trick is not working then move to another trick . In this site already many tips are given to generate traffic.

# Search Engine Optimization

To Blog Nowadays SEO is the most important factor for the site and most of the blogger don’t know about the seo, this is the biggest challenge for them. I have seen many site with really good article but when it goes to seo they are not optimized. If they optimize well then there are some possibility that article comes on the top search. Bloggers don’t think about SEO first they always think for traffic and money.

You might know the basic search engine optimization but you don’t know all about SEO. So learn what is seo and what are the benefits of it and apply in your blog and see the difference. So these were the common challenges in blogging you can face it. 

All the best.

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