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Common But Effective Ways To Earn From Home

Earn From HomeYou all must have seen this term while online- “work from home”. All of you must have wondered what is it? It a wow thing to check out, isn’t it? We have returned with disappointments most of the times as fake websites and frauds are behind these schemes. But from where did this term come from? Who thought of it? Was it originally fake or has some genuine history and present? And what ways it can help as a help in my income?

A few years back the term ”work from home” was brought in virtual set up. The concept was assigning people some work of sitting online or sometimes offline, the work was for computers and people had to sit for a few hours and get the work done and that’s it, they were paid for the hours dedicated, the amount of work done, and there was the payment cheque. It was a help for everyone, for students, for the unemployed, for homemakers and for professionals who could still spare energy and hours for work.

Here, in this article you are served with 6 best ways to make money online, basically, “work from home”:

Writing Blogs

Get  thorough understanding of a topic and then start writing, run a blog for a particular category or various categories in public interest.  Along with expertise in writing, knowledge of technicalities is needed to run a website. Take help from an engineer or so, and get started. The advertisements flashing on the website will earn for you, your quality of the content will earn majorly.
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Paid Articles

Are you a passionate writer? Do you feel  the need of imparting a social message in your words? Do you like sharing your knowledge? Then this one is for you. Get writing and get paid. Website owners, bloggers hire writers and pay them.

It is fun

You cannot write well? You are not a web designer for a website? Do not worry. Take time to be an expert in a skill. Till that time get paid for fun. Yes, you heard it write, for fun. There are number of websites out there which will pay you for filing up for surveys on a multitude of topics. You get paid for playing games online. An amazing way of earning an extended pocket money.
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All the clickers, get work by this free lancing idea. Keen photographer? Skilled one? Click your way to earn, sell your snapshots to websites and earn. The websites need them desperately. your hobby, your passion will get you paid.

Smart Applications

We see a revolution in tech world. They are filled with all kinds of smart phones, infact you must be having one. Make a mobile application. Yes, you can and get paid.
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Be a designer

 Good with pencil art on paper? Here, grab this chance to get them online, sell them and be a designer. Must be wondering who will buy your cool designs. Café press, zazzle, etc. Check them out. Your designs will get printed on tshirts, calenders, mugs, bags, cards, etc. Sale of each design gets you money.

What are you waiting for? Be passionate and get earning.

5 WordPress Time-Saving Plugins for Bloggers

Wordpress Time-Saving Plugins

Being a blogger, whether professionally or casually, means making the most of your time at every turn, ensuring that you’re able to pump out high-quality content for your readers as often as possible. Unfortunately, every blogger soon realizes that there is much more to running a successful website than writing and publishing, and this always serves to force you to set aside time for tasks like SEO, database management, and more – probably not what you thought being a well-read blogger would entail, right?

Would you rather focus on writing, publishing, and being an all-around more productive blogger and person? Thankfully, there is a wide variety of plugins out there that can help to make the many tasks associated with maintaining and building your blog easier than you may expect; here are five WordPress time-saving plugins for bloggers:

1. Blogging Checklist


Being a blogger means necessarily juggling a wide variety of tasks each and every day just to stay on top of things, and this can make for a messy workflow and constantly changing to-do lists, neither of which is exactly conducive to a productive day at your desk. Solving this problem may seem like a monumental challenge, but there is a WordPress plugin that can make things much, much easier than you’ve ever imagined: Blogging Checklist.

The Blogging Checklist plugin for WordPress provides you with the ability to create checklists that must be followed when completing any task, whether creating and publishing new content or launching entirely new blogs. Simply tick off tasks as they are completed, and the form will reset itself the next time you refresh the page in order to allow the fun to start all over again.

2. CollabPress


Collaborating with other writers is a big part of what many bloggers do, sometimes creating an unorganized mess of tasks and to-do lists that are very difficult to keep track of, requiring that you take time out of your busy schedule in order to get things better organized. The CollabPress plugin aims to take over this part of your workday for you, allowing you to easily create tasks, assign them to specific users, and then allow those users to pick things up from there on out, leaving you to get back to creating killer content.

If you work with more than one writer on your blog, CollabPress is a no-brainer!

3. Search and Replace

Search and Replace

Whether you’ve got to import posts and pages from another blog, make full-scale changes to the way that you format links, or replace outdated shortcodes throughout your site, the Search and Replace plugin is exactly what you need to turn those tasks from hours-long sessions into jobs that can be completed in mere moments!

An easy to use interface allows you to search within all tables of your WordPress database, locating one string and replacing it with another, making it the ultimate tool when it comes to making wholesale changes to your blog for any reason at all.

4. Broken Link Checker

Broken Link Checker

As your blog grows bigger and bigger, so does the risk that some of the links within your content have become outdated, and that can present a major headache when it comes to manually checking your links on a regular basis. Luckily, the Broken Link Checker plugin for WordPress takes care of all of that tedium for you, scanning your content for links that go nowhere and letting you know where they are, allowing you to fix them on your own timetable.

5. Cleverness To-Do List

Cleverness To-Do List

Keeping track of the many things that you must do each day in order to be a productive blogger can be tough, and many of us attempt to cope by utilizing everything from text lists to post-it notes, but there really is a better way, and the Cleverness To-Do List plugin for WordPress has everything you need to streamline your to-do list making process to the fullest.

Allowing you to categorize your tasks, add them on the fly, and set a priority level to each, you’ll find that keeping track of and completing items on your to-do list is easier than ever with this handy plugin!

How To Legally Use Online Images

Legal Use Online Image

Using online images may sound simple but it’s actually so complicated that it might make your head spin. As in all other domains of law, applying common sense and logic doesn’t work, which makes the whole problem a blurring mess. The whole idea is that everything that’s published on the Internet is copyrighted so you should be really careful about what you’re putting on your blog because there might be repercussions. From your perspective, everything is as simple as downloading the image from Google and using it on your site, blog, profile, etc. The truth is insanely more complicated and unclear. I’ll try to shed some light on the matter, but no promises given.

Copyrighted Images

Every bit of content you see on the Internet is copyrighted unless it’s stated otherwise. From your girlfriend’s duck face picture to your mom’s infographic about your marks in middle school (just imagine the horror if your mother could actually do that) posted on her Facebook page, it’s all copyrighted. So, you know, next time you decide to use a cute image in your blog, know what you’re doing is probably illegal or in the very least immoral (shame on you!).

Copyright Infringement is not Plagiarism

There is a difference between copyright infringement and plagiarism. To put it into perspective – imagine you’re writing an article about, say, copyrighted material, and you see a very nice picture online that fits your article perfectly. You decide to download it and take it as your own but (oh, no!) it’s copyrighted so upon uploading it alongside your article you’ve just committed a copyright infringement. Not to mention that you’ve proven how bad you are at writing articles on the matter.

Anyway, your literary skills aside, if instead of using the direct image, you’d made a similar one (from scratch) and not provided the proper credit where it was due, then you’ve committed the heinous act of plagiarism. This means that you’ve stolen the authors idea as your own. Even though this is not illegal, it’s immoral and you should feel about it. If you provide the credit, then it’s no longer plagiarism (it’s the same as using a quote in your essay – as long as you don’t claim it’s yours and give credit where it’s due, it’s OK). Keep in mind that even though providing credit is a fine and dandy of avoiding plagiarism, it does nothing for copyright infringement. Even if you say who was the author of the picture, what you did was still illegal.

It’s OK to Ask People for Their Content

Even though almost everything on the Internet is protected by copyright law, that doesn’t mean that people don’t really want you to use it. They just want you to ask for it, first (some of them, anyway) because they’ve put a lot of effort into creating it and they want you to respect that and actually ask them to use it. They will be more than likely to grant you access. All you have to do is ask.

Public Domain

Of course, you can get around all of this by simply using public domain images. This is a great way of using images without being worried that you’re committing a felony. Public domain images are there for your use. Most people think that if something is free, it has to be bad, but this is not really the case. Like I said earlier, many of those who upload their content on the web want to share it, but they want to do it on their own terms. Public domain sharing sites enable them to do just that. Read the terms and conditions first to see if you have to provide credit or not. This is by far the safest way.

Author Bio: Rose Finchley has a lot of experience in the area of technologies. She works for for many years and has a lot to share.

Best Ways to Keep Your Blog Exciting

Best Ways to Keep Your Blog ExcitingOwning a blog is easy, but keeping readers interested in it is not! In order to have a large and dedicated following, you have to make sure you’re posting the right type of content. In addition to this, you need to make sure you’re avoiding certain mistakes that can end up harming you in the long run. Below you’ll find some great tips and advice about making your blog exciting, interesting and intriguing for readers from all over!


Comments are essential for blogs to have, or else you really aren’t going to gain any popularity. While spam might be annoying, there are ways you can control it. Don’t ever turn off the comments to your blog or you’ll find that you lose subscribers quickly. Also make sure you are responding to comments, especially those with questions about your posts.

2. Know Your Audience

Your audience is going to be interested in certain things and not others. For example, if you have a DIY home blog, your readers probably won’t want to know about your latest investment strategy. Also, use Google Analytics to determine where your readers are that. That way you can target their areas and make them feel special! Knowing your readers is going to make sure you keep readers and attract new ones.

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3. Host Contests

There’s no better way to get comments, shares and subscribers than by posting contests regularly. When you start with these you can give away inexpensive things that you like that are themed with your blog. Once your blog starts to get popular, you may be able to get promotional products from companies that want you to post a review of their products on your blog. This can even results in getting free products to give out to readers for contests, which means you get to host a contest for free! There are a lot of possibilities so you can definitely have fun with this.

4. Format Posts

You must format your posts so that they are easy to read for all visitors. If you don’t do this, then your blog post is not going to look aesthetically pleasing to anyone. Once you learn the basics of formatting it will be a lot easier for you to do this regularly and in a way that looks really great.

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5. Add Your Info

As your blog becomes more popular, people will want to know things about you. While you don’t have to give away your home address, you should talk about things like what you do for a living, info about your family, things you like to do and more. Some bloggers also have P.O. boxes where fans and readers can send things, but this is optional and up to you. The main benefit of a P.O. box is being able to feature on your blog things that people send you, which will make it more personal and fun for people to read.

All of these things can make your blog more exciting and interesting for readers, and can even attract new ones. If you’re interested in making your blog better, then use these tips and work hard!

Author Bio: Joe Laden is the owner of a website where he reviews the best website builders on the market. His latest post is the Webs website builder review.

How to Infuse Your Blog With Personality

Infuse Your Blog With Personality
Is your blog boring? It’s OK to admit it. Not all blogs grab readers by the eyeballs and force them to read. It takes guts to admit that you need to kick things up a notch. If you’re willing to do that, there’s good news for you: you can likely steal all of your competitors’ visitors and keep them coming back for more. Here’s how:

Get Regular Guest Writers

One of the best things you can do is to find guest writers that will keep your blog hopping. That’s no easy task – especially when you’re trying to keep the standards high. Your readers understand that you won’t be writing everything, and they’ll likely cut you some slack if one or two posts slip by that aren’t quite up to par, but you absolutely must have quality writing on the site.

Having multiple voices (contributors) allows your readers to see different sides of an issue or to get a little variety in the posts. It also makes your blog look bigger. Think about it. Think about all of the blogs with 10 or more guest authors. Don’t they look huge? There’s just so much content from so many different perspectives – it’s almost like you’re a multinational conglomerate.

Take On Controversial Topics

You’ve probably heard something like this before: “controversy creates cash.” It’s true, and it also draws visitors. One of the lesser-talked-about advantages of creating controversy on your blog is that it draws out all of your worst antagonists. This is an amazing opportunity.

You’ll get slammed in the comments section and have the opportunity to come out swinging – but you won’t. Instead, you’ll deal with disagreements civilly. Why? Because some of your readers will be your fans. An even smaller percentage will be fans who are absolutely crazy about you – and those are the ones that will raid your comments and defend you to the death.

Of course, all of this back-and-forth creates additional content in the comments section. If you create a truly epic post, and take a controversial position, the whirlwind of discussion will end up taking on a life of its own. All you have to do is find a way to capitalize on it.

Take A Side On An Important Industry Issue

Everyone loves a blogger who takes sides. The middle-of-the-roaders often feel that their position is “safe.” “Safe” is code for “boring” – and that’s how people will perceive you. When you take sides on an issue, you leave yourself open to being wrong, and that’s OK. Your job isn’t to be perfect. It’s to create value, and you can do that even when you’re wrong.

You see, a lot of blogging is a learning experience. People learn from others’ perspectives. You learn from your fans and commenters. Let’s say that you write a blog about some issue, and you later learn that you were wrong about that issue. Here’s how that helps you: you get to write a revised piece (a new post), link to your old post, and then share the ongoing narrative of your blog. People will respect you for having integrity, honesty, and the courage to be wrong more than they will respect “perfectionism.”

Infuse The Blog With Personality

Most blogs suffer from a severe lack of personality. Swear, use off-color jokes (if it fits with your intended audience), be audacious if that’s your style. Share personal stories, get intimate, and write how you talk (minus the verbal pauses). It will make you seem real, and that’s what people really connect with – reality.

Laura Spicer is a brand expert. She loves to write about the fun sides of branding on small business blogs. Check out the Hughesnet Plans link for fast internet deals.

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