Blogging Carrier Option for Young Generation


Due to the growing uncertainty of today’s job market, many young people resort to go into blogging as a carrier. If you are young, talented and looking for an artistic way to share your views, or make your products and services known, you need to understand how to create a blog. It is not only a simple job but also one that will cost you absolutely nothing. 

Below are some steps involved in creating a blogging site:

Purchase a Domain Name

· The triumph of any business done online lies in the domain name you use. As such, use a trustworthy domain registrar and look up for extra substitutes and variations to your first choice, where possible.

· The domain should not be difficult to spell and where possible, avoid using numbers and hyphens as visitors will be put off. The domain name must also reflect your business name.

· Your hosting company may provide you with a free domain name as part of the package. This might not always be a good way to go as the domain name does not essentially belong to you.

· It is often better to purchase a domain in your name and purchase the hosting bundle later. Though it is always easy to change web hosts, the host may not be supportive if the domain is not in your own name.

Select a Host

· The following step in creating a blog is to register for a funded blog hosting package. There are a number of hosting companies out there each with its advantages and disadvantages and after registering, you will get blog applications connected free of charge.

· There are several advantages of using ready-made blog software, as it will save you time and money and get in-built functionalists to help you post articles. 

· With WordPress, it will be easy to enhance your blog when you are using an established host. Such installations make your blogging experience a delight regardless of your IT skills.

· Always choose a recognized host to make sure you join a big community, where there will be a free flow of information and sufficient mechanical support when required.

Choose a Theme

· The people visiting your blog will get a first impression of your blog by its looks and therefore creating a blog; always use the themes which reflect your business.

· There are several free themes provided by WordPress but if you need something exclusive, it is best to invest and purchase your personal themes.

· When you alter your blog theme, the content is not always changed; nonetheless they might need slight twists to make it look good.

Add Content

· This is the most important phases when creating a blog. Content describes what your blog is all about and highly valuable and unique content is the best kind.

· This is the only way to ensure that visitors visit your blog repeatedly and enhancing your blog for search engines. When creating content, ensure you explore your topic well and provide honest views on your particular niche as this will build faith between you and the people reading your blog.

Build Traffic

· The last serious part as you create a blog is building traffic. You can start doing this by submitting it to blog celebrations, back linking, incorporating social media networks, and also including yourself in blog commenting and appraisals.

In conclusion, it is clear that blogging has become an amazing and worthwhile career for young generation. So, if you are a jobless young individual or you just want to earn some extra cash, you should consider going into blogging. You may be lucky enough to be funded by the ESTA foundation for your interesting blogging site.



  1. Ankur Upadhyay says

    Blogging is a good alternative these days for unemployed youngsters esp those from technical background. But in blogging, there is no easy way out. Quality of content is very important for a blog. Thanks Aditya for this excellent article.
    Ankur Upadhyay recently posted…Unique way to increase your Facebook page likes, Twitter followers and Google Circle quicklyMy Profile

  2. Builders in Chennai says

    ofcourse:) blogging is very useful for youngster those who are studied engineering like that technical course. Because, Now a days there is recession period so those people are not able to get job in their studies related. So, these blogging is technical job, this job definitely useful for those who are studied technical course.

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