4 Blogging Blunders to Avoid

Reading your favorite blogger’s posts, you feel inspired to as well come up with your own.

Thing is, writing blogs isn’t easy. Writing per se isn’t. You can create a blog anytime given that there are several sites that allow you do it for free. What makes the process complex is establishing credibility and gaining followers.

That will have to take time – a lot of it.

Which means, you need not set your goal dead straight to growing a tribe when starting a blog. Focus instead on publishing posts that are worth the read. Content, after all, needs no hard promotion when its quality is more than enough to build traffic.

For a start, avoid these common mistakes.

Crowded pages

Would you rather read a post with dense text that leave no room for breathing, or that one with short paragraphs?

Sure, you will prefer the eye-friendly option. Too busy pages resemble clutter.

Novices usually make the mistake of running lengthy paragraphs. Some would even use complicated typefaces.

The fewer words in a sentence, the easier it is to digest. Break down your thoughts. This is what paragraphs are made for. Imagine listening to a friend who speaks so fast. Exhausting, right? Worse, you didn’t absorb anything.

Love your space. Use punctuation marks.

Inconsistent layout

So you love colors. It shows on your blog. You apply a different theme for each post.

The sad part about this is that readers keep wondering whether they have jumped to another site already.

You don’t stick to a particular layout. Your blog loses its identity. Don’t be like this.

Choose one theme that radiates the feel that you want readers to experience while at your page.

Do you want a more formal type, or a relaxed vibe? Does the font color, size and style lend to easy reading? Is your site easy to navigate?

Ask yourself these questions when planning your layout and observe consistency.

Hard selling

You don’t want readers to mistake your blog as an ad board.

Once they get too distracted attempting to close dialog boxes that suddenly pops out of your page, then chances are they’d just leave. End of conversation.

There’s nothing wrong placing ads in your site. Eventually, it can bring you additional source of income, a lifeline for your blog so to speak. But always put user experience first.

Post ads sparingly. Position them carefully. Your readers did not come to your page to see advertisements. They are interested in hearing your stories.


We have sites we just couldn’t get enough of. We will follow them every chance we have.

As a blogger, this is good. It’s one way of growing your network. Be careful, however, when writing posts so you do not inadvertently repeat what you’ve read.

Copying is one way of stealing. You don’t want your hard work stolen. You might as well respect other’s work.

This is basic blogging etiquette. Even photos cannot be shared just that.

If you are interested posting anything that isn’t yours, talk to the owner first. Do not post it unless you were granted permission. Provide them the link after posting. They’d appreciate it.

One last thing, do not leave a page you find awesome without doing anything. Their work made you smile. It affected you in a certain positive way. Share love. Click the thumbs up or share button.

Author BioNettie Gray still finds it daunting to write an essay, blog, or content at times. During moments like this, she goes out to run to clear her mind, and may be, gather inspiration along the way.




  1. Builders in Chennai says

    ofcourse layout is most important for blogging, and content too. do that two properly then we not suffer from blunder while in blogging process


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