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Why To Comments Without Sake Of Backlinks?

Backlinks – The most important thing in SEO.Whenever we thought about increasing blog ranking and popularity, the first thing comes in our mind is Backlinks.

blog commenting benefits

Why Backlinks Are So Important?

A backlink is only a single thing that flow traffic and link juice to our web pages. And every blogger wants it. Right?

How to create backlinks?

There are lots of ethical and unethical ways to build backlinks for our blog like blog commenting, guest posting, social bookmarking, directory submission etc. But blog commenting is always a best and safest way to build quality backlinks for our blog.

If you are a beginner or not have too much knowledge about building links from commenting, then I recommend you to use CommentLuv and KeywordLuv enabled blogs for your links need.

Yesterday, one of my friend ask me that why he should waste his time to put comments on those sites which are not using CommentLuv and KeywordLuv commenting systems like blogger’s default commenting system?

His question gives me a solid idea to write this post and I’m now giving you best reason why we should leave comments without sake of backlinks.

Let’s take an example of bloggers default commenting system:
If you are a regular reader of a blog, then spend few minutes more to leave a valuable comment there which gives you genuine benefits as mentioned below:

    • If you leave comments on daily basis, then your name will make a solid place in blog owner’s mind.
      • You can make unbreakable relations with influential bloggers and ask for any help in your own blogging.
        • Their blog readers also stuck with your name and you’ll become popular on every blog under your niche.
          • Blogger’s commenting system automatically linked commentators name to their Google+ profile, if you are sharing your blog links in your profile then you can gain extra traffic from your profile viewers.
            • In that way you can easily redirect other blog readers to your own blog hence really targeted and valuable traffic will flow around your blog.
              • You can easily increase your blog comments and those comments will definitely be clean with spam links.
                • Targeted traffic helps us to reduce blog bounce rate and increase visit time on our blog. You can easily get high Alexa ranking with quality traffic.
                  • Advertisers always look for high quality traffic blog which have impressive Alexa ranking, hence higher chances to attract advertisers to your blog.


                  • Maximum number of advertisers means maximum profit from your blog.

                  These are some common benefits of blog commenting except backlinks.

                  So, never think commenting on blogger blogs is waste on time. Do effective commenting and be a successful bloggers.


                    • Whenever you put comment on any blog, make sure not to add links in comment body. It’ll annoy the blog owner and your comment will be deleted after moderation.
                      • Adding links in comment section is also not good for penguin penalty. So, take care of it and try to ignore it.
                      • If you need backlinks, go to CommentLuv and KeywordLuv enabled blogs and build genuine backlinks from there by leaving valuable comments that must add value to the comments.


                      So friends, this was the little guide on benefits of commenting on blogger blogs. If you think that this guide is something worth reading for you, then please share it with your social media friends and starting utilizing blog commenting today. ;)

                      20 comments… add one

                      1. It is not about quantity of backlinks, but about the quality. Google did a great job of cleaning up a lot in the SEO mess and I am glad they did.

                      2. Exactly why blog commenting is my favorite way to build backlinks.
                        James Robinson recently posted…norah sands psychic lotto formulaMy Profile

                      3. The benefits of blog commenting is far more than gaining a cheap backlink, blog commenting if done properly can improve one’s authority and can also send tons of traffic to one’s blog. When i leave blog comments i try to add quality to the content via my comments and not just spam my way and earn a cheap backlink, your readers will also know this and won’t follow your link to your site and you may end up not generating any traffic or authority with it.
                        Nwosu Desmond recently posted…Tips to creating better contents in 2014My Profile

                      4. Hello Ankit,
                        Nice article bro, yes, I agree with you, commenting on another blog is not waste of time in fact it is an easy and safest way to build quality backlink.
                        Swapnil recently posted…Top 10 Laptops Under Rs. 25,000My Profile

                      5. Hey Ankit Bro,

                        Nice article. Blog commenting is a lot more than just commenting for the sake of backlinks. I love to comment on the blogs to give the author feedback, bring the author’s attention and to discuss. It is about relationship in the blogosphere, that make you strong to stand as a reputed blogger. Backlinks are always secondary profit for me. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this topic.

                        ~Ganesh Narayan Gupta
                        Ganesh Narayan Gupta recently posted…How to Add All Friends in Facebook GroupMy Profile

                      6. Commenting is not about getting backlinks (but the backlink part play a major role though)… But it is putting your name in the limelight. Am a regular commentor at comluv and i guess i have the top spot as at the time of writing this.
                        And do you know i have receive clients from people who saw my comments there?

                        I love blog commenting and am doing it almost everyday.
                        frank joseph recently posted…Infographic: 30 Powerful ways to Promote your Blog and get traffic to your siteMy Profile

                      7. Definitely go the quality backlink route Ankit. Smart stuff!

                        I comment less frequently but put more into my comments now. Quality, and some quantity seems to be favored in Google’s eyes.

                        Avoid spamming. Help. Prosper.

                        Ryan Biddulph recently posted…3 Ways to Save Time on TwitterMy Profile

                      8. hlw, I am also blogger, but I need to more tips on seo for my site. can you help me.
                        shohan recently posted…দৈনিক ইনকিলাব অফিসে র‌্যাব-পুলিশMy Profile

                      9. Hey Ankit,

                        I blog comment almost every day and less than 10% of the time do I leave a link.

                        For me it’s not about backlinks at all. When I do leave a link it’s about the immediate flow of traffic I receive from a relevant niche blog.

                        But even that’s not the sole reason why I comment. I do it to network with others in the niche both the bloggers and the readers.

                        Once you become known to them the possibilities are endless for blog commenting, guest posting, joint ventures and so on.

                        They are more likely to promote you (a link, a tweet, a share or whatever) when you’ve built a relationship with them over time.

                        It’s about more than backlinks or traffic. That’s great but it’s secondary to the other long term benefits that arise.
                        Stuart Walker recently posted…Niche Profit Classroom Review – Legit or Scam?My Profile

                      10. hello ankit. i also comment in blogs even without commentluv. as long as i can relate to the article and it provided a very useful content for its readers
                        marilyn cada recently posted…Giveaways that You Must Join This January 2014My Profile

                      11. Hello Ankit…
                        Really creative article….
                        You said rightly that do not give links in the really annoy to owner….
                        thanks for sharing it…
                        Riya Khurana recently posted…Best Ways to Hair Growth:”Best Home Remedies Ever”My Profile

                      12. i always do mistake of to put link in between the comment but after read this post in suggestion section that i do the great mistake that’s why my comment is note approved, so thanks to share this valuable information post
                        gaurav recently posted…Samsung galaxy core – “high specification in best price”My Profile

                      13. I am familiar with the benefits of blog commenting and doing it regularly.

                        I always reply to my reader’s comment with good words as it is a tactic to keep them permanent.

                        I do agree with your views related to blog commenting and thanks for your good suggestions Ankit. Hope it would help the newbies to do an enriched blogging.

                        As you told, the bloggers should avoid leaving their single line comment just for the sake of Backlinks.

                        Good to see your here bro, keep writing :)
                        Nirmala recently posted…Happy Birthday MyMagicFundas (MMF Completed 1 Year Today)My Profile

                      14. Hi,
                        I really love this post. The information in this article is really unique and useful for me. After reading this article, I think I have some ideas for myself. I do follow your articles recently. Thanks for sharing this post. Hope to read more interesting information from you. Great job!
                        Van Tran recently posted…Top benefits of golf to know how to take advantage of it and common golf injuries golfers must knowMy Profile

                      15. Blog commenting it’s an best strategy to drive traffic and we must be active on some top blogs.We should comment first on those blogs which can generate you traffic too.If you comment on comment luv enabled blogs list you will get back link either while commenting so 2 way of benefits but we should avoid single line comment which will make us owner of the blog not to approve the comment. So its waste of time for both the people
                        Shameem recently posted…Top 5 Android Server AppsMy Profile

                      16. Hi Ankit,

                        Very well wrote bro! There are loads of benefits by blog commenting. Gaining a backlink is one such benefit. But I look at it as an opportunity to build relations with fellow bloggers and improve networking. Added exposure for my blog is also a benefit I love.

                        But, while commenting, I believe we must follow certain etiquette. Also, we shouldn’t misuse the strategy! Else, we may land on the wrong books of Google and other SEs, being labelled as spammers!

                        Good write up Ankit!

                        Arun Kallarackal recently posted…Building Backlinks: Facts and Tips You Must KnowMy Profile

                      17. Commenting is good for blogging but not just for the sake of back links, it should all be about connecting to others. I dont like those who are practising unethical methods.
                        Shalu Sharma recently posted…Sleepy town of Taregna of AryabhataMy Profile

                      18. Hello Ankit,
                        Nice sharing bro. When i m commenting first thing in my mind is just to creat backlink. But i make comment regulary on my favourite blogs without think of backlink. You give here some reasons to comment without purpose of creat backinks which give me inspiration to comment without sake of backlink.
                        Thank for Sharing
                        Gaurav Parmar recently posted…GIVEAWAY: Two FormGet Pro Account LicencesMy Profile

                      19. It’s true that if you are a beginner and don’t know so much about backlinks then always prefer the safest zone, which is blog commenting.
                        Really great stuff Ankit!
                        Nice to come back again on your site!
                        Happy blogging.. :)
                        Vivek Jain recently posted…Make Money with Google HelpOuts – Must Read Guide by Enstine MukiMy Profile

                      20. Hi Ankit,
                        I really love this post. The information in this article is really unique and useful for me. After reading this article, I think I have some ideas for myself. I do follow your articles recently. Thanks for sharing this post. Hope to read more interesting information from you. Great job!
                        Van Tran recently posted…Yogurt and the human health: surprising benefits of yogurt that everyone should not overlookMy Profile


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