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How Accepting Guest Posts Could Harm Your Authority

Accepting guest posts are a great way to improve your content, refresh it and show your readers some new and different viewpoints. It also gives you the chance to upload tons of content in no time, so you can be more focused on your blog and personal projects without your site suffering for it. However, this is a double-edged sword. While accepting guest posts could be beneficial, it can also harm your authority. I will give you a few reasons why.


Most guest bloggers would like to get a link to their own blog or site. This is good for them because it boosts their rating. At the same time it’s good for you because it provides you with lots of content and you can either take a break from everything for a while and work on your own posts more diligently making them essentially better. However, too much guest content, and too many backlinks (the links you provide to the guest blogger) might lead to your authority being harmed. That’s right, people – it’s absolutely possible (even probable). Your rank, and your authority aren’t in a fixed state. The Internet is in a constant process of perpetual evolution. Today you’re Facebook, tomorrow you’re MySpace.

Link spamming is one of the more harmful course of action some guest bloggers like to take. They would use the text in order to send links to completely irrelevant sites. If the link building is all done correctly, then it doesn’t really matter. But if the anchor text is irrelevant it is recognized as spamming and while they are trying to do themselves a favor by boosting their sites or blogs, you will be penalized for it so you need to take care and never let that happen.

There is another problem, as well. The more you host, the more links you give. This raises the probability that some of the links might be broken or lead to sites associated with black hat SEO and/or have been punished. Needless to say this is also quite problematic for you if you want to retain your rank. I’m not saying that you shouldn’t accept guest posts at all, but you should have the proper quality control.

Copied content

Speaking of proper quality control, here is what you really need to do in order to make sure that your rank doesn’t plummet – check each and every text with a program to verify its uniqueness. Many guest bloggers would consider you naive and try to give you copies content just so they get their link. If you don’t realize that the content has been copied and you post it, this will definitely hurt your site or blog because search engines usually frown upon copied content. Check every text for plagiarism and don’t post copied texts. This is of paramount importance.

Furthermore, the texts that are sub-quality and/or stuffed with keywords should also be avoided. I think this should go without saying, but I’ve seen some really strange things happening on the Internet, which is why I think I need to clarify this – publish only texts written for human readers, not for the bots.

What can you do in order to mitigate the eventual negative effects and still accept guest posts? First of all, you need to make sure that all of the content you are posting is of high quality and truly unique. This means actually reading every text and checking it with the proper tools. The second thing you should do accepts a limited amount of guest posts so your authority doesn’t suffer for it. And last but not least, check all the links to make sure they aren’t trying to spam. Write coherent guidelines for every guest blogger to follow, don’t break your own rules and you will be able to harvest the fruits of their labor while at the same time helping them with improving their rating in return.

AuthorBio: Rose Finchley is a guest contributor to multiple tech blogs. Currently she manages

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