Integrating SEO and Social Media Is Need Of An Hour??

Seo And Social Media

SEO is not a new term, as it widely used for promoting business. Despite of this fact, not many people know it completely. It is quite necessary to know how it works, or else you might not get the expected result at all. SEO doesn’t merely mean designing a web-page and adding contents to the page. Today, it means a lot more than that. Until years ago, the word social and SEO were two distinct terms. A good and professional SEO company works on … Continue reading>>

How You are Distracting Blog Lovers???

Don't get Distracted

You have the same Question? I guess every blogger has this question once in his whole blogging career until he/she starts getting the readers. So, in today’s article I will going to tell you the reason for why no one read your blog article and also be giving its solution so u can make people to read your blog and make you some cash. For most of us in the early stage of blogging it’s quite difficult to find out why are people not visiting our … Continue reading>>

How To Write An Excellent Post In 55 Minutes


First of all I want to tell you that this post is written using the same technique. So I think that you will understand it more clearly. This is a technique that I am using from last many months to write posts for various blogs. As per this trick we start working whenever we get time, we work for 50 minutes only and at the end of the hour we are ready to write another post. Yes if you have read it earlier somewhere, I’m talking about the 25 … Continue reading>>

How You Can Become A Pro-Blogger?

Become Pro Blogger

Now a day’s blogging is one of the most preferred professions among the youth and most especially by the students studying in school and collages. Most of the students are now moving into blogging area just to make some pocket-money or in rare cases to express their views on any particular topic or anything. Many students have made blogging their part-time job and doing it for fun and making some cash. Bloggers like my-self have been making … Continue reading>>

Social Media Optimization: 7 the Most Effective Strategies

SMO Strategies

There are lots of ways (methods if you will) to optimize your social media site. If you wish to do so then it is recommended that you consult texts that give specific information for each social media site. This is because each social media site needs to be optimized in a very specific way if you want to make sure it suits your purposes perfectly. For example, even though YouTube and Google+ are owned by the same company (Google), they are … Continue reading>>

How To Reduce Bounce Rate | Complete Guide

Reduce Bounce Rate

Now there are many simple tips through which you can reduce bounce rate. There are lot of factor which effect bounce rate. What Is Bounce Rate? What I know about Bounce rate is that "People will visit to your site but they will not read any article and they leave without visiting any page of your site." If you got low bounce rate then it smart and if you have high bounce rate then you must take some step to lower down your bounce … Continue reading>>

Killer Ways Of Making Money From Unique Programs

Money Making

In today’s time the one thing that is most needed from Teenager to the Elders is Money and only Money. People start blogging for searching a way to make money online with very little effort. But still, Making Money Online is not an easy task as it seems to be when you hear it. It takes lots of effort and time to start generating income online. What do you need before start Earning This is the big question while you think to make money online. … Continue reading>>

Quick And Easy Ways to Make Money With Your New Blog

Make Money

So you have a blog and want to start making money with it... now what are you going to do? Fortunately the world of blogging has a ton of opportunities for you to explore when it comes to making a little bit of money on the site. Through my blogs at and I've been able to create a very nice stream of recurring income month after month while also helping others learn how to the same. In this article I will give … Continue reading>>

Why To Comments Without Sake Of Backlinks?

happy blogger

Backlinks - The most important thing in SEO. Whenever we thought about increasing blog ranking and popularity, the first thing comes in our mind is Backlinks. Why Backlinks Are So Important? A backlink is only a single thing that flow traffic and link juice to our web pages. And every blogger wants it. Right? How to create backlinks? There are lots of ethical and unethical ways to build backlinks for our blog like blog commenting, guest … Continue reading>>

Most Unusual Ways To Get Post Ideas For Your Blog

Post Idea

When I searched over the internet about "getting post ideas" and what to do when you are in writer's block? I got tons of results saying the same thing. Just the difference between all those posts is their words and article lengths. If you just started blogging than you need to understand that you have started blogging in the blogger's blast. In this blast it is not very hard to survive but we need some patience, smart work, hard work and … Continue reading>>