5 Do’s And 5 Don’ts While Writing An Article

5 Do's And 5 Don'ts While Writing An Article ,Writing An Article ,5 Do's And 5 Don'ts ,

Every Bloggers want to make his blog popular and interesting for audience.

It’s clear, but how you can do it ?

Are you sure you know all the rules of blog posts’ writing?  Many bloggers do the same mistakes when they try to grab readers’ attention. Even if you consider yourself being a very good writer, even if you add posts to your blog regularly, even if you think your topic is interesting for millions of people all over the world, it may be not enough for your blog popularity.

When I started my own blog, I was sure it would be popular at once.

It was my biggest mistake. You know, I just wrote posts and didn’t do anything to make them catchier.

Today I can mark 5 dos and 5 don’t for every blogger. If you want to make your blog popular and catchy for your audiences just follow these tips.

So, You Should NEVER Do:

1. Never write about anything you don’t know.

Yes, it may sound strange, but some bloggers choose the topic only because of its popularity among readers.

Believe me, if you write about something you are not good in, a reader will notice that at once. It’s not the best way to promote your blog and make it interesting, is it? So, when you choose a topic for your blog post, make sure that you understand it clearly.

Plus, don’t forget to add your own experience to your post: people like reading this.
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2. Never write about everything at once.

Yes, you may be interested in many topics of course: global warming, technologies, Lady Gaga, technologies and problems of panda population in China. But try to choose the one topic for your blog: a reader should know exactly what info he will find in your blog.

3. Never copy the info from other blogs.

Copy paste is not very good for your blog promotion. First of all, it may be banned by search engines, like Google for example. Moreover, it will be a pretty low blow for the owner of the blog you took the info from. Be unique, choose your style of writing – your readers will appreciate that, and it will be even more interesting to write your posts.

4. Never post too many articles at once.

It’s always better to post 1 article a day for example. If you posted 30 articles at once and then forgot about your blog for a month, your readers won’t like it for sure. If you do so, don’t be surprised to lose your audience soon. The best advice here is to post 1-2 posts per day.

5. Never wait for good results at once.

Only if you work on your blog hard and carefully, you will see good results and many readers soon.

What You BETTER Do:

1. Show your face.

People visit your blog, and they wanna know whom they read actually. Don’t be afraid of your face and individuality. Add your author’s bio, choose an avatar or add your personal photo. It’s always pleasant to read a blog if you know who its author is.
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2. Pay attention to your blog’s look.

Yes, you may have no money for some cool and expensive design, but you can make your blog neat and pleasant for a reader’s eye. Well, you can make it display right in different browsers at least. Don’t forget to add images and videos to your posts where acceptable. It can also grab your readers’ attention at once.

3. Write interesting articles.

Your individual and one-of-a-kind content is the right way to your blog’s success and popularity.

4. Don’t forget about your readers.

Communicate with other bloggers, comment on your own posts if needed, answer the questions of your readers who leave comments on your article, share some interesting facts and info with them. If a blogger leaves a comment on your post, try to comment his blog in turn.
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5. Let your reader’s subscribe to your blog, comments or your Twitter.

It will help you keep and multiply your audience.
Make your blog personal – and your readers will definitely appreciate this. Good luck!


About the author: Alex Strike, a copywriter, works on CheapEssaysOnline.com, has different interests.




    • Alex Strike says

      Hello Emmanuel!

      Thank you for your comment! As an author, I am pleased to know that you agree with all points mentioned by me!


  1. Satyam says

    The article is really Good. All these Points are really important for the blogger while writing a Post

    • Alex Strike says

      Thank you Satyam!

      I really hope that my article will help some bloggers to write better!

      All the best!

    • Alex Strike says

      Thank you very much, Bishal! As an author, I will be happy if my article helps you improve your writing somehow))


    • Alex Strike says

      Thank you very much, Bishal! As an author, I will be happy if my article helps you improve your writing somehow))


  2. Nikhil says

    Now days, most of writers are copying information from others. We always care about our readers. Thank you for sharing this all tips, really helpful.

    • Alex Strike says

      Agree with you, Nikhil. When you have a lack of inspiration, or you just don’t know what more to tell your readers, you start searching other blogs and try to use their info. Certainly, you can find some ideas there, but it doesn’t mean that you should just copy others’ works!

      Have a nice day!

    • Alex Strike says

      Hello Devashree!

      You are always welcome! I am glad to know you find them useful))

      All the best!


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