5 Best Way To Make A Good Network In Blogging

5 Best Way To Make A Good Network In Blogging ,Good Network In Blogging,Way To Make A Good

Yes, I am here to explore my secret of networking in my blogging career. Success in blogging or any kind of business you should have a good network to bring it on the top position. You cannot survive if you have decided to be alone in blogging.

When I started blogging, I knew very few guys in the blogosphere like Amit shaw as my blogging sir as I am taking helps from every end and Akhil pulotil as my blogging bro. But as time goes I learned many things during my long online journey and networking is one of them. I have realized that if I will have good network in blogging, can get good visibility in blogosphere that means branding and brand will bring huge traffic.

Then I have started to find the ways that how I can make a good network and I am searching for good ways to make a good network in blogging. A good network will give you a loyal readership, visits, branding and business.

Networking in blogging is not a tough job, if you have a good spirit to bring your blog in a good position. And these are some of the best way to make a good networking in blogging.

1. Take the best approach to other Blogger daily

Never shy to approach any time to contact with other blogger. If you are thinking that, this blogger will talk with me or not then you are wrong. Take this mantra if you shy.

Best Mantra to make network is “Never shy, if you shy then ready to die”

Say yes and do right know make a polite approach in your mother tongue. Start conversation with a warm wish. Don’t approach everybody. At first you should check that victim is your type or not, like if you are a technology blogger then your victim is also a tech blogger or not. I mean check his interest is matching with you or not then approach. Try to find out their needs that what they want to know or what you can get from them.

2. Through active participation in social media

Yes, play an active participation in top social media, Mainly in Facebook , g+ , pintrest ,tweeter and as much as possible. Actively participation means that give daily good inspirational, funny updates in your timeline which will like your friends and follower.

But be aware do only important thing in social media because these are very addictive and time consuming. So, I am shortlisting some does and don’ts that you should follow to make good network.


1.  Don’t drop unusual comments on others updates.
2.  Never do over marketing.


1. Talk with senior blogger, politely and honestly, they will listen.
2. Drop valuable comments on their updates.
3. Share their blog post in favor.

3. Birth day wishing for networking

Its very good time if you will approach anybody in their birth day with a warm wish and cute a gift. If you will try to make network in their birth day they will listen you sure. Take benefit of this date. But here a question that how could we find any person’s birth that I will wish them. Not to worry you can easily find their birth day from social media like Facebook . So, wish and make network and do blogging.

4. Use guest post to make good network

It’s a very common ways to make network in blogging. But you should choose the right place to give your best guest blog post that you can make a huge audience and network. I think it’s the best way to make network as a bulk manner. But remember try to write for good branded blogs that your blog post will work like a broadcast.  And try to write your best article for the guest post.

5.By staying foolish and staying hungry

Behave like a foolish that you don’t know anything you are baby. You have come to make network to learn something .And always stay hungry to learn from other bloggers. You will see your network will grow automatically. There are many ways to make good network in blogging but I have this ways and I have succeed to make a good network with other bloggers , SO take your time do hard work and research and make network .

Author Bio

Hi, This Sandeep kumar dan founder of a web designing company Dan WebTechnologies and Blogger at Technoflick. He loves to learn by experiments. He is a b.tech graduate by education and an entrepreneur by profession and love to make network. A good network can bring everything to you, it’s just relationship.




  1. Satyam says

    @Sandeep The Article is too good thanks for sharing such a fantastic article. You have explain each and every points beautifully.

  2. Ankit Kumar Singla says

    Great post by Sandeep on your blog dear Aditya.
    I like social presence most because it gives me readers and new ideas for my blog posts too.
    Great tips here :)


  3. Anonymous says

    Only thing i have to say that this article is really Awesome. i got new ideas for my site. And writing part is also amazing… thumb-up for this article

  4. Sandeep Kumar dan says

    Hi, Ankit you are welcome, yes you are right , social presence brings new ideas and techniques daily because many creative peoples are there and we can meet from any where in this world from this social media and connect with them too.

  5. Krishna Basutkar says

    Nice Article bro….I would like do with commenting. its a better way to get little traffic from it.
    Good article sharing here.

    • Sandeep Kumar dan says

      Hi, Krishna Thanks for landing on my article. Yes you are right commenting is a good way to get traffic and it also help to a good network with other blogger of your kind. Thanks

  6. humayun says

    very nice dear very informative good article i learn more here thanks to share.
    humayun recently posted…How To Get Traffic To A New BlogMy Profile

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