3 Common Mistakes To Avoid For Your Social Media Promotion

Most business owners know that social networking can be a powerful tool for their business improvement and promotion. Therefore, almost every businessman has his Twitter or Facebook pages, as well as many other social profiles for earning some money.

It is not always enough just to have a popular page at a social network. It is important to use it right. Below I have tried to highlight some common mistakes that people usually make when they try to promote their business online.

#1 The first and most common mistake of business promotion in social networking is when you do not pay attention to new or smaller social networks.

If a social network doesn’t have a big number of users, it does not mean that it can not be used for good. Do not be afraid to promote your business in new, less popular networks, as it might even be much better for the following reasons:

  •  They have less competition. Since the social network is new, big brands probably will not be there to spend time on displaying advertising messages. In addition, it is unlikely that your competitors heard about these social networks and, what is more, started their advertising companies there. Therefore, your advertising messages will certainly be noticed, and it can be the unique opportunity to monopolize your audience.
  •  You can become the first one and leave all your competitors far behind. Even when Facebook was a new social network on its rise, many companies were not in a hurry to create there profiles there. They thought it was just a new fashion, which attracted young people. To make a long story short, a very few people considered Facebook as a serious marketing platform then, and probably they didn’t even know how to use it correctly. But other businessmen didn’t miss such an opportunity! What do we have now? Now we can say with certainty that the risk was justified.

#2 The second mistake is to think that your popularity and good performance at one network will determine your success or failure at all other ones.

Think about why you can not expect the same result at all networks. The answer is very simple: everything depends on the age of users involved. For example, the majority of Facebook users are between the age of 18 and 25. If we take a popular Russian social network VKontakte, the average age of its users has considerably risen lately, ranging from 18 to 27 years. Being a marketing platform, Twitter is much older in terms of demographics: the majority of its users are between the age of 26 to 34. Some specialists claim that the most effective average age for a business promotion at social networks is from 21 to 31 years. So, you can make appropriate conclusions here.

It means that the study of your business or blog target audience is the main task when it comes to its promotion and social networks choice to tell about its product or service.
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#3 The third mistake is when you do not take ads cross-posting at social networks into account.

Certainly, it’s much easier to combine Facebook, Twitter, Google +, and other popular social networks all together. The only thing that will be left for you is to write a single message at one of them, and it will be immediately placed at all networks connected.

The main drawback here is the rule all successful business owners and bloggers know already: what perfectly works at one social network may not work at another. For example, Twitter limits its messages to 140 characters. So, after writing a long message through Facebook, it will not be completed at Twitter, and it will not give you the result you waited for. It is important to analyze new social networks and learn what message formats work best and can fully convey the information you plan to give users.
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Now you know the most common mistakes that website or blog owners make for their business promotion at social networks. As you see, all of them can be easily avoided. So, after reading this article, you’ll correct all the mistakes and improve your income for both your website and your business in general.

About Author
The article is provided by Alex Strike, a blogger and essay helper, who is interested in literature, innovative techs, and playing guitar.


  1. Krishna Basutkar says

    Nice Article Bro.

    You have mentioned the correct mistakes people do when they are doing blogging.

    Thanks for sharing this.

    • Alex Strike says

      Hello there!

      Thank you for your comment! I am glad that you liked my article and found it useful! I think that all bloggers must always remember not only about good sides of blogging, but also about some mistakes to avoid in order to make their blogging better!


    • Alex Strike says

      Hello Krishna!

      Thank you for your comment! I am glad you found my article interesting and useful for yourself! I thin kthat bloggers should always remember about such mistakes to avoid in order to improve their blogging much!


  2. Jordan says

    Excellent post!

    Well no doubt social media promotion is most important for online blog promotion or offline business to get some short term results.

    Now taking about the common mistakes yeah i totally agree with you about the mentioned mistakes..


    • Alex Strike says

      Thank you Jordan!

      Today bloggers can’t live without social media)) So, we should know and remember how to use them right in order to become more sociable and successful!

      All the best!

  3. Satyam Singh says

    I find is article too informative as a blogger we do many mistake. Thanks for providing such a beautiful article,

  4. Online MBA Portal says

    You have done great work, to help people or blogger to avoid some mistakes while promotion, hope your hard work success. all the best.

    • Aditya Singh says

      All Bloggers do some mistake and if you avoid that you can be a great Bloggers one day.
      Thanks for the comment ^_^

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    I’m a student studying at the Citadel and actually enjoy what you’ve accumulated in this article, definitely like what you’re thinking and the method through which you declare it. You are presenting it in a way that is enjoyable and yet you still be certain to keep it smart. I am excited to exchange ideas and critical information with you. Your website is unquestionably one of the better blogs online right now.
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